The installation of doors from professionals is not alwaysit's affordable, so people often wonder: "How to install the door yourself?". To do this, you need a smooth doorway, a door system (box, linen), accessories, trim, and, of course, knowledge of the case. The door leaf can be any, but as an example in this article we will tell you how to install a wooden door, as well as a door of a whole glass (frameless) kind. Types of constructions under consideration: swinging and sliding.

how to install a wooden door
How to install a swing door

  1. A doorway is prepared (the product of repeated measurements, elimination of cracks and cracks).
  2. Is going to the door frame.
  3. The location of the canopies is marked, slots are cut out, hinges are fixed (both on the door leaf and on the box).
  4. The door leaf hangs on the hinges.
  5. The leveling of the door frame is carried out, then - its installation (with the help of dowels with subsequent zapenivaniya construction in the doorway).
  6. The additional board is mounted.
  7. Cases are installed.
  8. Fittings (door handles, locks) are fixed.

how to install a sliding door

How to install a sliding door

  1. An opening is prepared (removal of old platbands and loops, thorough inspection, exclusion of cracks and cracks).
  2. Cut a special groove in the bottom of the door leaf.
  3. On the wooden bar (the length of the door leaf * 2,size: 50 * 50 mm.) fixes the upper guide rail, after which this design is fixed above the doorway, rollers are inserted into the guide.
  4. The lower guide rail is mounted to the floor, rollers are also inserted.
  5. Then insert the door leaf: first into the lower rollers, then - into the upper rollers.
  6. In the guide rails, stoppers are installed (to stop the running of the door leaf).
  7. The doorway is decorated with clypees.
  8. Fittings (handles, locks) are fixed.

how to install the door

How to install a frameless door (all-glass)

If your choice fell on the installation of all-glassconstructions, you can easily take up the embodiment of your idea, since it is also possible to install a door of this type with your own hands. The only difference is in the hardware: we do not "cut" it into the door leaf, but with it we clamp it. In the modern market there is a wide variety of such products, specially designed for frameless doors. And, of course, you need to remember that when installing this design, you should treat the canvas more carefully.

When installing both swinging and sliding systemsspecial attention should be paid to aligning the structure to the level, which is done with a special laser device. This will avoid spontaneous opening or closing the door.

Now you know how to install the door with your ownhands, without recourse to specialists. If you are not confident in your abilities, it is better not to undertake such work yourself. The result can be not only inevitably corrupt materials, but also the lack of security of such a design. In addition, watching the work of the master on call, you can once again make sure of the authenticity of the proverb "It is better to see once than hear 100 times!", And then carry out such work already with full knowledge of the matter.