The birthplace of the apricot is the Far East, itscultivation is practiced in many countries, especially with a mild, warm climate. But even under domestic conditions, there is a chance to successfully obtain a crop from this plant. Some amateurs experiment by planting a stone in a flower pot. Another option to dilute apricot is planting and caring for it in the open field. In height it can reach two and a half meters, and the width of the crown is 4.5 m. Apricot is a self-pollinating plant. Therefore, it is enough to plant one sapling, and it will bear abundant fruit if all the requirements for caring for it are met. The most suitable for breeding are stunted varieties.

Apricot planting is carried out in autumn and spring. Saplings should be chosen 2 or 3 years old, grafted on the sink. The earth needs a slightly alkaline, well drained and capable of retaining moisture. The tree grows particularly well on sandy loamy or loamy soils. In the autumn months, the ground is prepared for landing. In it, you must make compost or reparted manure. The pit for the seedlings is excavated in such a way that the roots are placed there, and the root neck remains at the soil level. Then the land must be drowned and watered abundantly.

apricot planting and care

Moisture is not very fond of apricot, planting and caring forThe tree includes regular but moderate watering, especially it is important in dry weather and during the appearance of ovaries. Do not recommend watering apricot for the winter, excessive moisture can lead to a prolonged vegetation in the fall.

In spring, weakened plants needfeeding, it is necessary to introduce into the soil lime-ammonium nitrate, one square meter of it will require thirty grams. The roots of the tree are located in the upper layer of the soil. They need not only moisture. At the end of spring, the entire area occupied by them is mulched with compost or humus, the layer should be 2 to 3 cm thick.

apricot planting in autumn

The necessary condition for successapricot developed, - planting and care, pruning young seedlings in early spring. An adult plant does not require frequent thinning of branches. And for a young plant, this operation is necessary for the formation of the crown. In this case, the height of the stem should not exceed fifty centimeters. The number of skeletal branches should not be more than five or eight. On average, the seedlings are to be shortened by one third of the length.

If there is apricot in your garden, planting andcare for which is carried out in a shaded area, then, as a result, you can face a strong thickening and drying up of its branches. From this, flower buds can also suffer, they will grow less and less. Restorative pruning is carried out in the spring. At the same time, every 4-6 years, it is necessary to shorten branches that have ceased to bear fruit, their length should exceed fifty centimeters.

apricot planting and care pruning

Since a very heat-loving plant isapricot, planting and care for it suggest protection from frost. For this purpose, the tree is insulated, low plants are covered with a polyethylene film, the boles are stained, they create a shelter. They differ in their increased resistance to the colds of the variety: the son of the red-cheeked, hardy, Rossoshanskiy handsome. In the central part of Russia cultivars such varieties as Pineapple, Red-cheeked, Red Partisan and others.