Lining is one of the most commonmaterials for stitching walls. It is used for both external and internal works. In this case, the material for the fabrication of the lining can be used so differently that at times the application area and the mounting method depend on it. For domestic work, wood is usually used because it is environmentally friendly and has a beautiful appearance. However, wood requires special treatment, which raises the question of what is better to cover the lining.

than to cover the lining inside the house

The fact is that this material requiresspecific treatment for environmental protection. At the same time, thanks to special paint and varnish mixes, the wall can be given a certain color and texture. Therefore, when choosing what to cover the lining inside the house, these two factors should be taken into account.

First of all, it is necessary to decide with which classthe material is to be dealt with. It determines the number of knots, cracks and other defects. If the cheapest material is used with significant deformations and damages, then the question of how to cover the lining inside the house is solved by itself. Since it is not required to preserve the appearance of the wood, but rather, it should be hidden. Therefore, for such a lining, conventional wood paint is used. If desired, you can use enamel, but it can not protect the wood well, so it is necessary to apply special impregnation or varnish before applying.

what varnish to cover the lining

When you have to work with qualitymaterial that is made of expensive wood, it is best to use a varnish. It allows you to protect the material well and does not spoil its appearance, preserving the texture. At the same time, determining what varnish to cover the lining, several factors should be taken into account.

First you need to decide whetherthe original color of the wood is preserved or it should be given a certain shade. From this choice will depend on the type of varnish, which must be purchased. Also, choosing what to cover the lining inside the house, it is necessary to remember and protect the wood. That's why you should pay attention to special varnishes, which contain not only a certain pigment, but also the appropriate impregnation. At the same time, it not only contributes to the preservation of wood, increasing the life of the material, but also allows the dye to penetrate deeper.

Choosing what to cover the lining inside the house,it is necessary to take into account that varnish and paint are applied in several layers. This is especially true of transparent materials. Therefore, the required amount of lacquer should be selected based on the effect to be obtained. It should be remembered that the materials, which include impregnation and a special dye have a fairly high price. However, they can give the most amazing effect, emphasizing the texture of expensive wood species or giving a certain pattern to a simpler material.

the better to cover the lining

It is worth noting that before using it is recommended to take a small piece of lining and process it with the chosen varnish. So you can see the final result and determine the number of layers.