In order to update podnadoevshy interiorbathroom, do not necessarily buy a new tile, remove the old, hire a team of craftsmen, who would quickly change everything. You can do less, much less costs in terms of money, and in terms of physical exertion. Decorative stickers for the bathroom (even from well-known European brands) at a cost significantly inferior to high-quality ceramics. And the forces and time for their application on the wall will take very little. You do not even have to call professionals - you can do it yourself.

stickers in the bathroom
In addition, it is not possible to apply decodersonly on the wall. Decorate any surface: floor, shower, sink, bath. But do not overdo it, try to follow a certain sketch. And do not worry if the first time you did not guess with the correct location of the sticker. In the bathroom, a decor is used, which can be recast without loss for its appearance. It is only necessary to strictly follow the instructions attached to the product.

The procedure is absolutely unpretentious. To begin with, we carefully prepare the place for the future location of the picture: we clean it of dirt and wipe it dry with a napkin. The latter should not shed, otherwise the remaining villi can cause small air bubbles that will spoil the appearance.

After that, we mark out the place for drawingstickers in the bathroom. Next comes the most crucial moment. In the hands take the workpiece and gradually begin to release it from the substrate. Do not hurry. Removing the lower protective layer, parallel smooth the sticker from the top down. When the drawing is completely transferred to the surface, once again we will squeeze the squeegee from the center to the edges to get rid of the slightest wrinkles. In the final we remove the mounting film.

vinyl stickers in the bathroom
That's all. It remains only to estimate the effect obtained. Indeed, stickers in the bathroom can dramatically change the situation. You just need to guess with the design. Now on sale there are many images of marine subjects: fish, seashells, graceful algae. No less elegant look floral motifs. More and more popular are drawings with urban views or mesmerizing landscapes. Do not lose relevance and monochrome stickers. For fans of abstraction, there are various ornaments.

And the producers have mastered the production of textured decorative elements, so that now it is possible to decorate the room with placer plausible believable pebbles.

decorative stickers for the bathroom
Children's series are presented separately. Funny inhabitants of the seas and oceans, fairy-tale characters, characters of your favorite cartoons - your child will no longer be capricious during bathing. And special anti-slip stickers, glued to the bottom of the bath, will protect the baby from falling.

Perhaps the most common arevinyl stickers in the bathroom. They are not afraid of the humid atmosphere, they can be damped and washed as much as they please. They are not even afraid of minor mechanical damage.

All products sold are subject to mandatory certification. Therefore, you can be completely sure that the stickers in the bathroom do not emit any harmful volatile substances.