The company "Tekhnonikol" offered a novelty -heater "Technovent Standard", the technical characteristics of which pleasantly pleased customers. It is a plate made of stone wool. They can be used to prevent heat loss and protect against the penetration of extraneous noise (soundproofing).

Features of plates

"Technological Standard" arehydrophobic plates made of mineral wool. They are produced on the basis of rocks belonging to the basalt group. This provides their basic technical characteristics.

"Technovent Standard" is manufactured withusing modern production lines. They allow to fix basalt mineral fibers with organic binder. At the same time, they are fastened in a way that allows you to keep the maximum possible amount of heat. The service life is increased due to the use of hydrophobic impregnation, which protects the plates from division into layers, and deterioration with increasing humidity.

technical standard technical specifications

The material is made in the form of plates, and notrolls. This greatly simplifies installation. The length of the plates can be 100 or 120 cm. The width is 50 or 60 cm, respectively. The thickness is in the range from 3 to 20 cm. It changes with an interval of 1 cm.

The material is refractory. Fibers will lose their strength and will be unable to perform their direct functions only if the temperature rises above 1000 degrees. The melting point of the binder is 250 degrees. In addition, the material is more dense than thermal insulators in rolls. Therefore, it is able to protect the building from heat loss. Due to this, the temperature inside the room will be higher.

Due to high technical characteristics"Technovent Standard" is not deformed during operation. The material does not deteriorate under the influence of atmospheric factors (temperature changes), also due to contact with concrete and steel structures. Therefore, cracks and gaps do not appear between the plates.


Technical characteristics of "Technovent Standard"allow to use it in a wide range of temperatures (from minus 60 to plus 200 degrees). Thanks to this, the material can be applied in any regions, regardless of the climate.

Manufacturers recommend the use of materialfor the thermal insulation of buildings in civil and industrial construction. It is designed specifically for facade systems that have an air gap. Due to the presence of air, the material characteristics are kept at a high level.

heater technician standard specifications

Used material for external insulationparts of buildings with high altitude. It can also be used as an internal sound and heat insulating layer under siding, metal panels. Apply the material in the construction of frame houses. Due to the soundproofing properties it is also used when erecting partitions.


Technovent Standrat has the following indicators:

  • Density 80kg / m3;
  • Thermal conductivity not more than 0,034 W / (m.0C) at a temperature of 10 degrees and 0.037 W / (m.0C) at 25 degrees.
  • Water vapor permeability is not less than 0.30 mg / (m.p. Pa);
  • Water absorption is not more than 1.5% of the volume;
  • Humidity is not more than 0.5% of the mass.

technical standard technical specifications 50 mm

Apparently, the characteristics are more than worthy. Not surprisingly, many builders recommend it to use. Here is an example that clearly demonstrates the high technical characteristics of Technovent Standard: a 50 mm insulation layer has the same resistance to heat loss as a brick masonry having a thickness of 90 cm. At the same time, the insulation does not carry an additional load on the foundation.

Advantages of the material

Technovent Standard has the following advantages:

  • Prevents loss of heat;
  • Good sound insulator;
  • Resistance to high temperatures;
  • Does not absorb moisture;
  • Keeps shape and size;
  • It is not a habitat for rodents;
  • Resistant to the effects of microorganisms;
  • Simplicity of installation (it easily fits, well cut even with a knife).

All these characteristics will be met only if properly installed and operating conditions. If the conditions are not met, it is not clear how long it will last.

The material was widely disseminated thanks to these advantages and high technical characteristics.

Technical specification whether the film is needed

Do we need a film?

"Technovent standard" does not require the use of additional film as a hydro and wind protection. This is another feature of this material, which distinguishes it favorably from analogues.

As you can see, Technovent Standard is one of theModern materials with decent technical characteristics. It has a number of advantages that expand the scope of its application. Due to its high thermal and sound insulation properties, hydrophobicity, high compressive strength and non-combustibility, the material is widely used in various areas of construction. He found a place in the construction of civil and industrial buildings, for the insulation of walls, ventilation ducts, partitions between rooms.