Recently, people are trying to be as possiblecloser to nature. Someone builds country houses, someone tries to spend as much time as possible at the dacha, and someone equips their own housing with exclusively natural materials. In connection with this trend, designers have come up with a number of projects and styles of decoration of the premises, which allow you to transfer from a city apartment to a cozy and quiet house in the mountains. One such trend is the chalet style. Today we will consider what the features of this interior are, what elements it is filled with and what a chalet-style bedroom looks like.

What are the peculiarities of this style?

The name of this style speaks for itself. Chalet is a small wooden house built in the snow-capped mountains. Fans of the atmosphere of rural housing, located far away in the Alps, this style will definitely be to my liking.

bedroom chalet style
He is filled with nobility, beauty,refinement, and sometimes even natural rudeness. Such an interior imitates the atmosphere of a country house built of natural building materials. Fortunately, modern technologies make it possible to equip in this style not only country cottages, but also city apartments or a part of them, in our case - a bedroom.

Basics of style

Interior of the bedroom in the style of the chalet is differentromanticism, simplicity and comfort. In such a room it will be cozy and warm in the frosty evenings and cool in the summer heat. The main condition of this direction is the integrity of the finish, which is mainly carried out using two natural finishing materials - wood and stone. Elements of ceramics, metal and glass are also acceptable. And although modern synthetic materials allow imitating almost any natural raw material, a bedroom in the style of a chalet is made up exclusively of natural elements of decoration and decoration.

Color spectrum

As for color design, the designbedroom in the style of the chalet implies the use of light, warm and natural shades. Neutral colors create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere, which is the main task of the rustic interior. The rough beauty of natural materials is well emphasized by chestnut, dark brown and beige tones.

bedroom in chalet style photo

The walls of the room can be painted in terracotta, beige or cream colors, giving the room a special color. Also for decorative surfaces, decorative plaster can be used.

The perfect solution may be the decoration of the wallsnatural wood, decorated with carvings. Fabrics used in the interior also have to radiate naturalness and warmth. Curtains on the windows, tablecloths, accessories for sleep and carpet paths are desirable to choose in pastel colors.

It should be noted that the interior of the bedroom in the style of the chalet(photo of similar options are given in this article) does not accept the presence of useless items. The room is equipped with only the most necessary and functional elements of the decor.

If you want to make some zest, doemphasis on any subject. As an accenting color, all shades of red and burgundy are optimal. For example, you can decorate the entire bedroom in beige tones, and the head of the bed, cushions and bedspreads to acquire a rich purple color.

How to choose the right furniture

The bedroom in the style of the chalet is most often equipped with wooden furniture, decorated with other natural materials. Wood can be beaten with natural leather, coarse wool or linen fabrics.

It is appropriate to use wicker furniture. It can be a rocking chair, a sofa made of a vine, and other household items. Effectively will look wicker tables with glass table tops.

bedroom interior in chalet style

Small bedside tables can be assembledfrom ordinary branches, which are glued together in the form of a square. That in time such a product does not dry up and does not lose its original appearance, the branches are treated with special protective solutions.

If the interior has leather furniture, it is decorated with bright pillows and a plaid of natural wool.

The finishing touch of the Alpine design will be a bear skin laid out on the floor.


A bedroom in the style of a chalet, the photo of which is given ineven the enthusiasts of minimalism, should be framed so that a close relationship with wildlife can be traced. For this reason, the finishing of all its surfaces is done using exclusively natural materials of natural color. If the interior uses a tree, it is covered with a layer of colorless varnish, as any tinting compounds are inappropriate here.

bedroom design in chalet style

For finishing the floor and ceiling use woodenboards. The ceilings are decorated with massive wooden beams. To achieve the desired effect, the wood is pre-treated. She is given the appearance of weariness, old age and wear. It should be noted that the possibility of installing such a decor depends on the height of the ceiling in the room (the height of the walls should be at least 2.7 meters).

If the bedroom is settled in an apartment, it is betterto focus on one of the walls. It can be sewed with wooden boards in a vertical direction. This technique will help visually raise the ceiling and give the room a note of extravagance.

The finishing of the rest of the walls depends on the type of room in which the chalet-style bedroom is located. In the apartment walls are often plastered, then painted in white.

If the room is quite spacious, it can be completely trimmed with wood, which will make the bedroom warmer and cozy.

Elements of decor

In order for the alpine interior to lookmaximally stylish and harmonious, the bedroom in the style of the chalet should be supplemented by a variety of accessories that make its space not only beautiful, but also functional.

As a decoration, the following items can be used here:

• antique lamps;

• forged chandeliers;

• metal candlesticks;

• paintings depicting wildlife;

• mirrors;

• glassware;

• heavy linen fabrics;

• animal skins;

• wooden frames for photo;

• hunting weapons;

• stuffed animals.

Bedroom lighting

The choice of lighting should be approachedin all seriousness. Here, in no case can you use the new-fashioned chandeliers and sconces, since they simply will not fit into the concept of the bedroom. The best option will be chandeliers, imitating candles, spotlights and lampshades, covered with natural fabrics.

bedroom interior in chalet style photo

Lighting in the room for relaxation should not be bright. The atmosphere of the bedroom should be placed at bedtime, so it is better to use muffled light.

How to make a bedroom in a chalet style

Now consider how to build a bedroom in the style of the chalet with their own hands. To properly arrange a room, you must follow the following rules:

1. The style of the chalet can not be imagined without a natural tree, so if you decide to equip the interior in this direction, use the maximum of the wooden elements.

2. Small rooms should not be overloaded with massive beams made of wood. It is better for them to use more elegant boards. So you will achieve the desired result and do not overload a small space.

3. It is recommended to decorate the bedroom in a calm color scheme. Optimal use of shades of natural oak, bleached pine and birch. The notions of brutality inherent in this style, in a room for rest are extremely rare. It is better to focus on the natural beauty and harmony of shades.

4. For bedrooms decorated in Alpine style, characterized by a canopy. Since initially this interior was aimed at providing heat in harsh climatic conditions, the beds were pulled up by thick curtains. This element of decor is successfully used in modern decorations.

5. Interior in the style of the chalet should include a large number of textiles. This can be a variety of blankets, bedspreads, capes and carpets.

6. For completeness, you can equip a fireplace. Of course, it is simply impossible to install a real fireplace in a city apartment, so you can limit it to imitation. In country houses, you can equip a real fireplace with a brick, or install an electrical analogue.

Special features of the bedroom on the attic floor

Such a bedroom in the style of a chalet (in the attic) is made out due to several basic attributes. To us carry:

• ceiling beams;

• Truss system;

• Attic windows.

They are the main emphasis in decorating the room. Beams and windows are painted with darker colors.

a bedroom in the style of a chalet in the attic

The walls of the room are covered with wooden panels, one of which is plastered and painted. Subsequently, it is decorated with large paintings or photographs.

Since the premises of the attic floor are often notcan boast of large sizes, they are decorated in light colors and try not to clutter the furniture. In this case, it is necessary to confine yourself to a bed, a pair of bedside tables and a small closet.

Style chalets in a city apartment

Most of the interiors in the chalet style are used for arranging out-of-town houses and villas, but what do the owners of city apartments, who are so fond of this direction?

If your apartment has a small area, you can apply some tricks that will help you to make your bedroom in a city apartment in the style of a chalet.

• For the decoration of walls, you can useNatural materials that are less massive compared to wood. For example, bamboo wallpaper, wickerwork or structural dyes, allowing to create the desired relief on the wall surface.

• A good option is to use wallpaper that imitates a stone and a natural tree. Such a decoration does not require much effort and global costs, but it will look very impressive.

• You can supplement the picture with different items of interior, which were listed above.

bedroom chalet style


In this article, we looked at how to createbedroom design in chalet style. Photos of several interiors designed in this way will help you understand what is the peculiarity of the Alpine direction, and perhaps even create a unique design project for your own bedroom. The main thing is to observe the basic rule: more natural materials and natural shades. After all, only in this case you will achieve a good result. We hope that in our article you found answers, if not all, then most of the questions that interest you.