Truly a rose is a queen of the garden, luxuriousA culture that, with due care every season, pleases the eye with a bright abundant flowering and lush greenery. To get these garden flowers on your site is not as difficult as it might seem at first. Possessing the necessary minimum knowledge and skills related to reproduction and care of young seedlings, you can easily replenish your collection with a couple of new wonderful specimens. The most popular way of reproduction of this garden culture is the cuttings of roses in the summer. Let's talk more about it.

cuttings of roses in summer
Roshenkovanie roses: preparing the planting material

If you plan to grow on your ownits own private plot of luxurious flowering bushes, it is better to conduct cuttings of domestic roses grown on the open ground, and not purchased, expelled at an accelerated pace in hotbeds and greenhouses and treated with special chemicals for better preservation.

So, we perform a few simple steps:

  • With a strong healthy plant, in May-June, cut the shoot with a bud that is faded so that it contains three buds: one (lower) will be in the ground, the top two - above the soil surface.
  • Cuttings of roses in summer are best done using the middle part of the shoot. The lower cut is made oblique, just under the lower kidney, the upper one - straight, about 1 cm above the upper sinus.
     cuttings of house roses
  • On the two lower nodes, the leaves are removed, leaving only the petioles, and on the upper leaves we leave 2-3 plates of five.
  • For 12-16 hours, lower the ends of the cuttings are immersed in a solution of any agent that stimulates growth and root formation, for example, the drug "Kornevin."

Roshenkovanie roses in the summer: landing in the ground and caring for young seedlings

Place on the site

Prepared cuttings can be planted as insoil directly on the site, and in individual plastic pots with holes in the bottoms. The soil must be loose and fertile. The place is better to choose in moderately illuminated, but protected from direct sunlight, as in the heat young seedlings quickly fade, not having time to take root and settle down properly.

cuttings of climbing roses


Cuttings, the lower end of each of which can bepre-dipped in powder "Kornevin", placed in a pre-moistened soil at an angle of 45 ° so that the lower bud is in the ground, and the upper leaves do not touch the surface of the soil. If you spend the cuttings of roses in the summer, it is better to cover young seedlings with a glass jar, a plastic bottle with an unscrewed lid or film to create a suitable microclimate, and in this condition leave for the whole season and even until the next spring. For the winter, these mini-fellows hide as well as adult bushes.


Young cuttings should be regularly sprayedwarm, standing water, avoiding excessive soil moisture, as this can lead to decay and death of seedlings. Once every two weeks, you can apply the solution of the drug "Kornevin" to stimulate the root formation.

For what varieties is this method more suitable?

The experience of gardeners shows what is bestit is possible to cuttings of clinging roses, it is a little more complicated with tea hybrids and Floribunda variety. But if you set a goal to have a certain kind of this garden flower culture on your site and make every effort, you will definitely succeed!