In nature in summer everything contributes to relaxation,except for mosquito packs. Especially unpleasant is their presence in small children: bites irritate the delicate skin and create discomfort for the child. It's no wonder that many begin to wonder how to get rid of mosquitoes on the site. Certain ways really are.

How to get rid of mosquitoes on the site
Fighting mosquitoes with repellents

The simplest means of getting rid of unpleasantinsects are repellents, as well as fumigators. Fumigator is a device designed to heat plates or liquid, the smoke of which kills mosquitoes. Repellents are applied to the skin and scare off the bloodsuckers with its odor. The handling of such remedies should be as cautious as possible, since their misuse can be dangerous. The composition of such substances contains poison, which can harm the body no less than mosquitoes. It is worthwhile to come up with a different way to get rid of mosquitoes in the country, if you have concerns about the occurrence of allergic reactions.

How to get rid of mosquitoes in the country
How to get rid of mosquitoes on the site with eco-friendly methods

First of all, to protect the countryat home you can use conventional mosquito nets. The state of such a grid should be carefully monitored: over time, small holes and cracks appear through it, through which insects can still penetrate the house. Another option is to plant tomatoes on a window sill or windows. A couple of bushes of tomatoes will spread a pungent smell, repelling many insects. Not more like mosquitoes and the fragrance of tansy or wormwood. Growing these plants or from time to time tearing wild branch, you can scare away mosquitoes from living quarters. Another effective way how to get rid of mosquitoes on the site is the periodic use of essential oils. If you are building a fire, throw there mint leaves or drip clove, anise, lavender or tea tree oil. Smells of lemon, valerian or basil also repel mosquitoes. For more permanent operation, you can use the aroma lamp. If there are no essential oils at hand, smoke the open area with cones or smoldering coals. On a large area, you can arrange a gas trap.

Fighting mosquitoes
The device will distribute carbon dioxide, similar to the one that emits human breath. Mosquitoes and horseflies will fly up to the device, after which they will be tightened into a special fan.

How to get rid of mosquitoes on a site with water

If you have a pond or pool at the dacha, formosquitoes such a place would be just perfect. Try to run freshwater fish into the pond, which will gladly take care of the larvae of mosquitoes. You can also arrange a fountain in the pond that will not allow water to stagnate and prevent mosquitoes from multiplying in it. Finally, you can place an ultrasound repeller nearby. It is a modern device that does not harm the environment, but it drives away mosquitoes very well. There are models whose power protects an area of ​​up to fifty square meters. The repeller is running on battery or mains.