Probably, there are no such people who would be happythe appearance of intruders in the home in the form of insect parasites, which include various ticks (ixodids, scabies, rat), fleas, lice, bugs, cockroaches, wasps and ants, mosquitoes and flies. And if cockroaches, ants and flies, except for the feeling of disgust, do not cause more visible harm to a person, ticks, bugs, mosquitoes, lice can seriously damage the life of the owner of the home for a long time.

Today, the market offers consumers a whole gamut of drugs that can save a person from more than an unpleasant neighborhood. One of these is the remedy for the bugs "Tsifoks".

Means for bug cefox

What is "Tsifoks"?

This is the name of the insectoacaricide,Used to combat insect parasites that live next to humans (synanthropic insects), various kinds of mites, etc. Active active ingredient of Cyfox is cypermethrin. In addition to it, the formulation contains auxiliary components in the form of emulsifiers, a solvent, a stabilizer and perfume. "Tsifoks" (instructions for use are on the package) are attributed to the group of pyrethroids. The drug has a nervous effect on insects. On the individuals of the warm-blooded group, the effect of the insecticide is minimal (the necessary condition is observance of all safety measures when working with the product).

In appearance, "Tsifoks" from bedbugs, cockroaches andother insect parasites is a transparent, slightly yellowish liquid with a sharp, very specific odor. Manufacturers offer their products to customers in polymeric bottles of dark color with a volume of 50, 500 and 1000 ml.

The scope of the insecticide

Cifox, instructions for use

The "Cifox" tool is characterized by sufficientwide area of ​​influence. In addition to the destruction of synanthropic insect parasites, the drug is very effective in fighting ixodia ticks. Successfully applied to the treatment of focal lesions with scabies and pediculosis. In natural conditions and adjacent buildings, "Tsifoks" is used to fight adult specimens (imago) and larvae of the nest. Disinfestation in health care facilities, in public, railway transport - this is also the field of application of the "Tsifoks". Experts' comments characterize the insecticide as an effective tool.

Pros and cons of "Tsifoks"

Like any preparation-insecticide, "Tsifoks" has botha number of advantages, and a number of shortcomings. Undoubted positive qualities of the drug include the following characteristics, which users noted in their reviews:

  • The effect of the application will be visible after 30 minutes.
  • The drug is characterized by the presence of a residual effect, ie, within 3-4 months after treatment, the dwelling will be unsuitable for bedbugs and cockroaches - "Tsifoks" will scare off insects.
  • If the house (or apartment) is affected by insects in moderation, then 1 bottle of 50 ml capacity will be enough for processing.
  • Almost transparent preparation "Tsifoks" (how to plant- described in the manual, the concentration depends on the type of parasites you need to fight with) practically leaves no traces and does not harm the furniture.
  • Reasonable price, which makes the drug affordable to a wide range of consumers.

However, in a large barrel of honey there are several spoons of tar:

  • The drug is effective only for adults - adults, does no harm to the larvae.
  • Diluted in water "Tsifoks" instructions for use recommends use in the next 8 hours.
  • In bedbugs and cockroaches, there is an addictive effect to the main substance of Cyfox - cypermethrin: the more times the drug was used, the less noticeable the result will be.
  • "Tsifoks" from cockroaches reviews of some consumers characterize as a toxic drug.

Preparation of the solution

Since manufacturers produce the drug in the form ofconcentrate, then before use it is necessary to prepare an aqueous solution, i.e., it is necessary to dilute the insecticide in water in the required proportions, continuously stirring for at least 5 minutes. The concentration of the solution depends entirely on the degree of damage to insect parasites, the type of pests and other sanitary and epidemiological indications.

Insect-parasiteMortar rate per 1 m²

Non-absorbable surface - 50 ml of 0.1% aqueous solution.

Absorbent surface - 100 ml of 0.1% aqueous solution.

Bed Bedclothes50 ml of a 0.05% aqueous solution.
Fleas50 ml of a 0.05% aqueous solution.
Ants50 ml of a 0.05% aqueous solution.
Rat Tongs50 ml of a working water emulsion.
Flies100 ml of a working aqueous emulsion.
Scabies pliers50 ml of a working water emulsion.

As can be seen from the table, "Tsifoks" from cockroachesis bred in the highest concentration. With regard to bedbugs, the degree of damage to premises by parasites can affect the concentration of the drug. "Tsifoks" - how to breed from bedbugs? If there are many insects, a 0.05% aqueous emulsion (2 ml of preparation per 1 liter of water) will be required. If the extent of the lesion is still small, 0.01% of the solution (0.4 ml of the drug per liter of water) will be sufficient.

Preliminary activities

Before proceeding to the processing of the roomdrug "Tsifoks" at home, it is necessary to conduct some preliminary activities. It is desirable to release the bedside tables and shelves, cabinets. If possible, move the furniture away from the walls to effectively process them: bedbugs and cockroaches adore living under the wallpaper and skirting boards. If there is such an opportunity, it is best to put things on the balcony. Even if the kitchen is not supposed to be processed, it is necessary to clean food: in winter on the balcony, in the summer - in the refrigerator. It is necessary to remove or cover up dishes, remove children and pets from the premises.

tsifoks from bedbugs

Precautions when working with the drug

Application to combat bugs and cockroachesprofessional drugs presupposes the mandatory availability of personal protective equipment and the fulfillment of all the requirements and safety measures stipulated in the instruction. It is to such drugs that "Cifox" (from bedbugs) is included. Feedback from consumers characterizes it as a fairly toxic remedy, so exact adherence to the recommendations of the instructions is mandatory.

Dilution of the drug to the required concentrationand it is desirable to fill the solution in special equipment in specially equipped points. To directly apply the emulsion to the surfaces to be treated, large and small drop sprayers of the knapsack type or any other apparatus intended for spraying insecticides are usually used. It is forbidden to work with "Cifox" people hypersensitive to the active ingredient - cypermethrin. Also, the contact with the drug of children and juvenile adolescents, pregnant women and nursing mothers is prohibited. In the premises where disinfestation is carried out, you can not drink anything and eat.

People who are directly processingwith the drug "Tsifoks" from cockroaches (reviews characterize it as an effective means of fighting this type of insects, as well as with bugs), must necessarily use personal protective equipment: protective clothing made from water repellent fabrics, respirators, sealed goggles, rubber gloves .

It is important to know that the drug can not be used to handle sleeping and playing facilities in children's institutions.

After the pest control has finished, heI must take a shower. If this is impossible for some reason, it should at least wash out exposed areas of the body with plenty of water. After treatment (conducted with open windows), the room needs a long airing (from half an hour or more). Wet cleaning can be done no earlier than 9-12 hours.

Cytofax from bedbugs reviews

Processing of premises

Work on pest control is carried out without the presence of other people and animals.

Here everything depends on the degree of defeat by parasites. If there are still few bugs and cockroaches, it will be enough to process "Cifox" frameworks of upholstered furniture, the back side of all objects hanging on the walls in the immediate vicinity of the sleeping place (carpets, paintings, etc.). Also, the rear walls of cabinet furniture, which are close to the sleeping place (cabinets, chests of drawers, pedestals, etc.) need to be worked on. In addition, it is necessary to spray the preparation with walls and plinths in those places where the wallpaper has moved away from the base.

If the premises are infected sufficiently strongly, then,in addition to all of the above, "Tsifoks" from bedbugs and cockroaches should be applied to the rear walls of all furniture and the lower parts of all upholstered furniture. Need to handle the thresholds at the entrances to the room and the lower surfaces of the windowsills. Further, it is necessary to process the electrical appliances in the house, the cavities of the power outlets (you must first turn off the power).

To achieve the maximum effect is bestDisinsection work should be carried out simultaneously in all premises affected by parasites. A vivid example is an apartment building. If there is a need for insecticide treatment of any apartment, this should be done as far as possible consistently with the neighbors from nearby apartments. Otherwise, the insects will migrate from the treated room to the uninfected, and get rid of them will be quite difficult: you will have to disinfect several times. A bugs and cockroaches have the ability to adapt to poisons which substantially reduce the effectiveness of the drug in each application. When getting rid of the cockroaches have to spray not only the place of their clusters and habitats, but also the way they enter the home.

After finishing the treatment, wet cleaning can behold after 8-12 hours. Surfaces, which got the drug, you must wash it with a soap-soda solution. Suffice it to carefully clean the kitchen, floors in the room, dishes. Upholstered furniture is quite enough just to vacuum, somehow and something it does not have to be washed. There is no visible harm to the appearance of furniture and interior items. The odor in 1-3 days will finally erode. For warm-blooded "Tsifoks" is not dangerous.

Tsifoks from cockroaches

Duration of action of the drug

"Tsifoks" reviews consumers asthe drug is sufficiently long-acting. The period of the insecticocaricidal effect of the drug depends on the concentration of the solution, the types of surfaces treated, and can last from 7 days to 3 months. When processing rooms, residual phenomena can be observed for another 1-3 months. Residual effect after getting rid of ixodid ticks will be noticeable 1-2 months. In natural conditions, the drug will be effective for 1-3 weeks. Clothing treated with a drug (acaricidal effect will be observed up to 14 days) does not itself repel ticks, but after contact with it, insects fall and die.

However, one must keep in mind that the efficiency andthe severity of the influence of "Tsifoks" can be reduced if this particular population of parasite insects has a low susceptibility to the active ingredient, cypermethrin.

Tsifoks at home

Consumer opinion

"Tsifoks", the instruction on which application givesa full understanding of the degree of influence of the drug on a wide range of insect parasites, is characterized by consumers as a fairly effective tool.

Very often people discover at home bugsafter the neighbors in the house begin repair. Having seen a bug on the wall, they initially do not attach any importance to this. But when they wake up at night from unbearable itching, and later see the skin on the bite marks, located on the same line, it becomes clear that in the house "guests" are bedbugs. I have to run to the store for some kind of insecticide. Consultants, most likely, will advise to get a professional tool "Tsifoks" from bedbugs. Reviews about it are most flattering, so it's worth making a choice in favor of this drug. Carefully study the instruction, prepare the solution with a garden sprayer (or another) and process the room. The effect will manifest itself quickly: very soon insects will begin to crawl, after 25-30 minutes there will be paralysis. Even for a few days you will see bedbugs, but they will be drugged, their movements will become difficult and slow.

Tsifoks reviews

Alternative options

Is there an alternative to insecticide "Tsifoks"? The instructions for use regulate it as a modern insecto-acaricide preparation used to destroy a wide range of parasitic insects in various areas of human activity. The fact that the drug is recommended for professional use indicates that it is highly effective, which, in combination with an affordable price, enables consumers not to seek any alternative means and ways to combat bugs, fleas, cockroaches and other arthropods and bloodsucking insects.