If you are already sick of being bothered with thebubbles and flacons, which literally occupy the bathroom, it's time to seriously take up the rational organization of space. Or, simply put, there is a need to think about a place where you can hide all those necessary (and not so) trifles. Your salvation will be the usual cabinet for the bathroom sink. Shampoos, creams, washcloths, brushes, shaving accessories and cleaners will perfectly feel inside it, not littering the already not very spacious room.

curbstone under the sink in the bathroom
In addition to storing a variety of thingspersonal use, this piece of furniture does a good job of masking pipes and piping, that is, all those communications that are not the decoration of the room. The curbstone under the sink in the bathroom can serve and serves as a kind of cosmetic table for the mistress. In fact, do not put the jars of creams on the floor every time! If the dimensions of the construction permit, then even a basket with dirty laundry can be placed inside. Let him not get in the way.

bathroom cabinet
Do not be afraid of what the interior of your bathroom isroom will be disfigured. Manufacturers represent the most diverse models on the market. They differ not only in price. The design of the products meets the most demanding tastes. A pedestal under the sink, with his own hands lovingly collected, certainly not cause you to rejection. Are you afraid not to cope with the not-so-simple task? Then order furniture from professionals, presenting them with your sketch and a detailed description of your dreams.

How not to lose and not pay for the goods,which does not meet your expectations? The curbstone under the sink in the bathroom, first of all, should not be made from substandard and frankly cheap materials that are not able to successfully transfer permanent contact with water. It is clear, moisture will eventually reach the most resistant and high-quality products. But it will happen much later.

curbstone under the sink with your own hands
The second important point is the curbstone under the sink inThe bathroom should not touch the floor. Even if you are against hinged models, take a closer look at the options that have legs. It will be easier for you to keep the room clean. Water, mud will not get a chance to stay in hard-to-reach corners. Therefore, you will never get acquainted with mold. Unfortunately, this can not be said about lockers with a socle. Under the decorative panel, moisture often stagnates, dust accumulates - an ideal environment for unfriendly microorganisms.

Perhaps, it is worthwhile to say a few words about the strengthexternal coating of products. In addition to a permanent stay in a humid (almost tropical) environment, the cabinet under the sink in the bathroom is regularly subjected to careful treatment with various cleaning agents. It can spill shower gel, get toothpaste. Yes, you never know what else will happen, life is unpredictable. Therefore, in order not to flinch every time, fearing irreparable consequences, choose the most durable and reliable products, which are not afraid of chemical attacks and mechanical damages.