Gasification of the population in the country started quitefor a long time, but there are still such settlements where people have to do without a gas main. Electricity is used as an alternative energy source in such villages. With the help of it, not only light up the room, but also prepare food and even heat. A household gas cylinder is also widely used, which is an excellent alternative to the regular highway. And its use in some countries is even more popular.

household gas cylinder

This method of storing and using gas canconsider one of the most convenient and safe. The fact is that it can be connected to the devices in relative proximity, which reduces the risk of pipeline breakage or other accidents. At the same time, the household gas cylinder is connected through a reducer, which strictly controls the pressure and helps to avoid various troubles associated with it.

Also worth noting is good mobilitythis type of connection. If, when using the gas main, there is a strict adherence to the inlet pipe, from which you can walk no more than a couple of meters, then the household gas cylinder can easily be transported. Some tourists prefer to take such cylinders with them on the road, but smaller, which allows them to save on weight and enjoy the benefits of civilization in the form of a plate or hob much longer than with a kerosene burner.

 where to fill the gas cylinder

The main disadvantage of the cylinder is that the gasin it ends, and therefore, it is necessary to find a way to replenish it. Ten years ago, the question of where to refuel the gas cylinder was puzzling. Such stations did not exist in all settlements, but in cities their number was rather limited. In our time, there is a huge number of companies replenishing gas. At the same time, practically every fuel filling with a special installation can be filled with a gas cylinder, although this is not allowed at all points. Also there are special companies that deal with the exchange of cylinders. They bring the full capacity, taking away the empty one. Moreover, the surcharge is only the cost of the gas itself and the cost of delivery divided by the number of subscribers of this direction. Therefore, there are no problems with refueling to date or they are minimized.

refill gas cylinder

Thus, a household gas cylinder is perfectlycopes with its task in those places where the main road has not been constructed yet. It has perfectly proved itself in camping and dachas, and thanks to its mobility, it is readily used in summer kitchens and in other separate annexes. The cylinder is easy to store, easy to refill and use safely. At the same time from the calculation of the application for a family of four people, its standard volume is enough for about twenty days. Therefore, such an alternative to the gas main has proved very well among the population and has been used for more than a hundred years, which once again speaks of reliability and safety.