Attention of kebab lovers today is presenteda wide range of skewers of various sizes and shapes. Those who wish to enjoy the taste of roasted meat can buy ready-made products they like. Those who love to make and want to save money can make skewers with their own hands. If you have the necessary material, tools and skills to cope with this work will not be difficult. The article contains information on how to make skewers at home.

skewers with their own hands

What will it take to work?

It is impossible to make skewers with your own hands without the following tools:

  • hammer;
  • pliers;
  • chisel;
  • anvil or iron bar;
  • a grinding machine or an emery wheel;
  • steel wire.

So you need to prepare them.

Which material should I use?

The one who decided to make skewers his own hands,Preliminary should prepare a wire of the necessary diameter. It is desirable that it does not exceed 0.6 cm. Of no less importance is the material of the wire. Judging by the numerous reviews, skewers from stainless steel are very popular among consumers. Therefore, many recommend using a stainless steel wire for work.

Where should I start?

Before you start making skewerswith their own hands, you need to decide how long they will be. The optimum size is 700 mm. After carrying out the necessary measurements and applying on the stainless steel wire the necessary marks, it can be cut into separate parts using a chisel and a hammer. To have a piece had a pointed end, it is desirable to immediately cut it at an angle.

 skewer with wooden handle

Making skewers from stainless steel, the master shouldtake into account the fact that the stores are supplied with wire with high hardness and elasticity. Work with the material will be much more convenient, reducing these figures. To do this, already chopped pieces of wire must be put in a specially diluted fire and wait until they are red-hot. Then, using pliers, hot pieces should be removed from the fire and left in the air. The cold wire will be softer and more pliable. According to the masters, working with such material is much more comfortable.

Second phase

At this stage, a smallanvil. The essence of the procedure is to splash the already cooled pieces of steel wire with a hammer and give them the desired shape. In this case, leave 100 mm from one edge. The steel strips obtained in this way should have the same thickness up to 3 mm. The pristine 100-mm edge of the strip should be bent by a ring (the exception is the case when the skewers with a wooden handle are made by the master).

skewers of stainless steel

From this place it is necessary to retreat by 50 mm andwith the help of pliers make a small spiral on the half-withe. In order to pieces of meat without any problems threaded on a homemade skewer, the second end of it must be sharp. You can grind it using a grinding machine or an emery circle. To avoid injury when using the product, sharpen the end of the skewer is preferably not very strong.

The final stage

To prevent the product from bending when used, itmust have high strength. This can be achieved through hardening. To do this, you need to build a fire and put a ready-made skewer in it. After the steel product is sufficiently heated, it should be removed from the fire and dipped in cold water. It is desirable that the container with water has a large size, since it is very important that during the quenching the skewers are completely immersed in it.

Products with handles

Among consumers quite popularskewers with a wooden handle. In such products, one end does not need to be bent in the form of a ring. Instead, the end of the skewer will be crowned with a wooden handle. Many masters recommend using acacia to make a handle. To work, you will need a lathe, on which the wood blanks will be processed.

how to make skewers

The handle is considered ready if it is supplieda special hole for the skewer. This hole is made by drilling. In this case, the length of the handle and its diameter should be less than that of the steel strip. The handle is attached to the skewer after it has passed the tempering procedure. To keep the handle firmly, many masters use special crimping rings.

Homemade bags for skewers

Who often goes to nature, he knows thatTo transport skewers without special adaptations is quite problematic. It is not desirable to wrap steel products in paper or put in a package: they can break through the material and crumble, and even injure a person. Ideal option in this case will be a homemade skewer cover.

It can be made from dense and very strong material. It is desirable that the inside of the cover is oil-greasy. This will prevent possible contamination of the outer side of the cover with fat skewers.

After the desired tissue is selected, it should bespread on a flat surface and give it an appropriate shape. To do this, the material must be stitched on three sides. It is desirable that the inner cover over its length is slightly larger than the outer one. This will allow to form an oilcloth lapel, which protects the product from contamination. Many masters with the help of a sewing machine or manually create an outer finish for the cover.

The plot of the picture can be very diverse. Everything depends on the preferences of the master himself. Mostly on the covers for skewers are presented kitchen themes. It can be a skillfully executed image of a pig or a chef's cap. Convenient transportation of skewers is possible if there is such a piece in the case as a handle. It has the shape of a loop. Dimensions are very different. With its help, the cover with the inside skewers is easy to carry in nature, and it is convenient to hang it at home on the wall, decorating the interior of the room.

cover for skewers

A kebab lover does not need to buyBranded skewers and covers for them. For the manufacture of such products at home, it is enough to have a desire, a good imagination, the necessary material and tools.