In the modern construction marketwide abundance of colors. Water soluble now - the most popular coating. Latex paint is a separate category of abrasion-resistant water-based dispersion enamels. After application, it forms a matte-silky surface with a small gloss. The degree of it is indicated on the label or contained in the very name of the paint. The popularity of coatings of this type is due to their consumer properties.

Latex paint: customer reviews

Those who have already used water-soluble enamels are flattering about their quality. The advantages of these coatings speak for themselves:

latex paint

- ecological cleanliness - free from harmful impurities;

- the possibility of applying a thin layer, which advantageously highlights the relief of the structural wallpaper;

- resistance to wet cleaning, dry abrasion - no traces when touching;

- affordability;

- Convenient packaging (1-4 kg in a container);

- versatility (suitable for walls of all materials, wallpapers, ceilings, wooden coatings);

- masking of small defects;

- convenient application in comparison with traditional whitewashing;

- vapor permeability and porosity, so that latex paint is successfully used to cover the ceiling in the bathroom. It perfectly absorbs steam, as does whitewash, but also dries quickly;

- if necessary, it can be washed off;

- rapid drying, lack of a persistent smell;

- There are no stains, divorces and marks from the brush.

Rules of application

Latex paint will last for a long time on the walls, pleasing its matte-silky color only if the following technique is applied:

latex paints

1. Surface preparation: cleaning from dust and dirt, grease spots, strengthening of acrylic impregnation and priming. Smooth concrete, brick, plastered walls, wallpaper can not be primed. The prepared substrate must be clean and dry.

2. For application to wallpaper, it is better to use an airbrush or a soft roller.

3. Stain in several layers (2-3).

4. The water consumption is 1 liter per 9 square meters. for the first layer, for subsequent ones is less. The breeding order must be carefully studied in the instructions. The first layer is diluted with a large amount of water so that the latex is better bonded to the surface to be painted.

5. The second layer is applied only on a dry substrate, not earlier than two days after coating first. The enamel dries at a temperature of 20 ° C for about 6 hours, but the load can only hold after 72 hours.

Advice to the buyer

- in rooms where permanent wet cleaning is necessary, use enamel with a higher gloss level;

- that the latex paint does not lose its properties, it must be stored correctly - at a positive temperature and no more than a year;

- Pre-purchase the desired color, as the enamel is made in white. The necessary shade is achieved with the help of tinting.

latex paint reviews

Latex paints are increasingly used in therepair of living quarters, offices, hospitals, children's institutions. Unlike analogs, they maintain a healthy microclimate, because they are environmentally safe. In the ratio of price and quality, the benefit from purchasing such a paint for the buyer is obvious. This modern coating is a great opportunity for the creativity of the designer.