Projects of one-storey houses in chalet style inrecent years are of great interest in Russia. They are unusual, original variants of out-of-town construction. Cottages made in this style, look great not only against the backdrop of the mountain landscape, but also among the landscapes of the plains.

one-storey houses in chalet style

From the history of style

The style of the chalet was formed in ancient times inA small village, which is located in the south-east of France among the picturesque Alpine mountains. In the original, it was a reliable shepherd hut, made from a massive beam. In its construction, natural stone was also used. It was intended to protect people and livestock from the weather. Over time, one-story houses in the style of the chalet have lost their main function. They began to look less and less like the first poor buildings, gaining functionality and a more well-maintained appearance. Perfected by many centuries the Alpine style has reached our time and today has become very popular.

one-storey house in a chalet style from a bar

Features of style

One-storey houses made of logs in the style of a chalet can not be confused with other buildings. They have their own characteristics:

  1. Planking a two-level roof with a visor that protrudes from the perimeter of the house for a considerable distance.
  2. The upper floor of the building is made of timber,treated with plaster and whitewashed, decorated with pilasters, beams and other elements of natural wood. Sometimes some surfaces are decorated with a painting.
  3. One-storey houses in the style of the chalet have a high ground floor, made of stone (or brick).
  4. Outside the structure of the structure is a veranda, which is often installed on columns.

One-storey houses in the style of a chalet with an attic more oftenall have typical planning: an entrance hall, a kitchen, a living room and utility rooms are located in the basement of the building, and in the attic are usually equipped with a guest room or an office. In these Alpine houses, the windows were closed with shutters, which protected from snow, rain and wind. Today they are used as a decorative element.

In the homeland of style, in France, a one-story chalet househas always been built taking into account the sides of the world. The most beautiful part of it is the facade. He was always directed to the east. The main requirement of this style is the use of only natural materials. Ceiling and floor coverings are made of wood, the surface of the walls is plastered and whitened. It is allowed to use decorative wooden elements.

 One-storey houses made of logs in chalet style

Color spectrum

When decorating walls often use a texturedplaster of yellow, cream, beige, light orange tones. Upholstery furniture and textiles should be close to the shades of stone and wood. Gray stone is perfectly combined with fabrics, close in tone to the whitewashed tree. The interior will be brightened with colorful and bright rugs and pillows in red, blue or green colors.

projects of one-storey houses in chalet style

The base of the house

For the basement, a brick is used orblocks. Often they are made of porous ceramics and aerated concrete. Brick base requires additional insulation from the outside. It is carried out by the method of a ventilated facade. For decorative processing is suitable, except for natural stone, brick. It is laid half the thickness, and sometimes even a quarter.


One-storey house in the style of a chalet from a log mustRemind a hut lost in the mountains. For the floor, usually used artificially aged materials, which look both stylish and natural. The board is applied unpainted. It is covered with oil with the effect of platinum or varnish. On the ceiling must be located beams, painted in a dark color. The walls are often faced with a brick, which is then plastered (a rough surface is allowed).

One-storey houses in the style of a chalet with an attic


This is an integral element of the interior in the house of the chalet. It is not only a source of heat, but also creates an atmosphere of coziness and comfort in the living room. The fireplace was always decorated using natural wood, but in some regions it had some differences. Often they were built very impressive size (3x6 m). Modern single-storey houses in the chalet style can have fireplaces of different styles and types. But still wood remains very popular in decoration. In the fireplace part you can create an original panel of stones that will support the general atmosphere of some hunting lodge.

one-storey chalet house


One-storey houses in the chalet style should befurnished with simple but at the same time very comfortable furniture. As a rule, it combines elements of baroque and country. Organically look in such a room cozy large sofas with fabric or leather upholstery, which, at first glance, may look a little rough. Good fit in the interior of the chair with high comfortable backs, coffee tables of deliberately rough-worked wood. Wicker furniture and accessories are appropriate.

In the kitchen along the walls are usually installednumerous tables, lockers, hinged open shelves. Furniture with a rough finish and artificial abrasions harmoniously complement the interior. It is desirable to make a table top and a working surface made of stone. Household appliances, without which modern man can not do, it is better to clean in closed cabinets. The dining table should be massive, made and natural wood, preferably from oak.

one-storey houses in chalet style

Bedroom decoration

Many owners of houses in the style of the chalet experiencedifficulties with the design of this room. We will try to help you. In the bedroom in the style of the chalet should be used only warm pastel colors, which complement the atmosphere of coziness and perfectly combined with the wooden elements of the decor.

Furniture in this room should be comfortable, but withthis is quite strict, without superfluous delights. Certainly there should be a spacious bed with a wooden headboard, covered with a coverlet made of natural fabric. In addition, you need to install a wardrobe. On its surface there should be no mirrors and any decorative ornaments. On the walls will be appropriate photos in a simple framework. The floor can be covered with a carpet of rough weaving or skin.

projects of one-storey houses in chalet style

The advantages of style

House chalets are attractive not only architecturalfeatures. They have undeniable advantages, from a technical point of view. First of all, this is the use in the construction of high-quality building materials, which have proven themselves - natural stone and wooden beams. Constructions made of wood always create an ideal microclimate, not to mention the environmental friendliness of the material.

Houses in chalet style are an excellent option forpeople who want to at least periodically rest from the city with its noise and fuss. Most of us are so used to living in apartments that they do not even imagine what horizons a chalet-style country house opens. The interiors of buildings from a beam profiled or glued can be as diverse as a human fantasy is rich.