How to choose a bath so that it becomes a place forrest soul and body? Few can deny themselves the pleasure to soak in the hot tub with candles lit around and pleasant music. If you have wondered how to choose a bath so that it has served for many years, its appearance and shape suited you, and care for it did not cause unnecessary trouble, then this article is just for you.

Before you go to the bathroom, you need to decide on its size and the material from which it should be made.

Choose a bath: cast iron, acrylic or steel

The service life of the bath is not less than fifteen years, so the choice should be approached with all responsibility.

The most common baths are cast iron. Strong, stable and durable, but very heavy (120 kg), therefore transportation and installation onthe upper floors of multi-storey buildings will be worth a penny. High heat capacity allows you to keep the water temperature longer. Weak place of a cast iron bath can be called enamel coating. Its shine is more intense than that of acrylic bathtubs, but it can easily be damaged by dropping a heavy object into the bath. If the care is wrong, the enamel may turn yellow or crack. In case of emergency, you can completely change the enamel. If desired, it can be toned, although mostly white baths are sold. In form, cast-iron baths are only rectangular because of the complexity of the technological process of their production.

No less popular recently acrylicbath. How to choose a bath of acrylic? Here a variety of shapes and colors will satisfy the desire of the most demanding buyer. Acrylic is the same plastic, but reinforced, so that the bath is not deformed from your weight and water. Relatively light weight, a variety of shapes, shades, high heat capacity, which keeps the water temperature longer than cast-iron baths. The quality of the acrylic bath depends on the reinforcement material: metal mesh (preferably) or fiberglass. Acrylic bath is easy to clean and hygienic.

How to choose a bath economy class? The most budgetary option is a steel bath. The weight of the bath is about 30 kg, a variety of shapes, but in strength superior to acrylic baths, enamel coating is not inferior to cast-iron baths. There are some drawbacks: the water temperature drops rapidly due to high heat transfer of steel; loud chime when water jet strikes against the bathroom wall. To improve the sound absorption, special rubber lining should be installed.

In addition to the material, it is necessary to know the required dimensionsbath. As a rule, there are standard sizes (L × W × H, cm) 150/170/180 × 70/80/85 × 65. You should be comfortable to be in the bath in a reclining position, so the width should leave you a free space on the sides of at least 5 cm. If the family has elderly or fat people, it is better to choose a bath with armrests or handrails.

Bath - the abode of purity of mind and body

It is very important to take care of the bathroom properly. How to clean the bath of rust or calcareous plaque? Regardless of the material from which the bath is made, powder cleaners with corrosive substances can not be used for cleaning baths: they damage the enamel coating and the bath loses gloss. The composition of detergents for the bath of any material should include only surface active substances (surfactants). This will preserve the gloss of enamel for many years. Do not use chlorine-containing detergents, as they are poorly washed off the surface, well, the smell is very corrosive. For disinfecting purposes, you can use a solution of table vinegar that will kill germs and not damage the enamel of the bathroom. It is better to take care of the bathroom regularly after each adoption, then there will be no need for general cleaning.