Sound insulation of the ceiling in the apartment under tensiona ceiling is required almost always. If this is not done, then extraneous sounds in the future can force the owners to redo the repair anew. The peculiarity of such ceiling systems is that almost any soundproofing materials can be used in tandem with them. The resulting free hollow space allows you to isolate ceilings, making living in an apartment more comfortable. The noise penetrates through this part of the room, as the loudest sounds are heard from neighbors living on top. This includes blows, screams, loud music, footfall and noise from the rearrangement of furniture.

Material selection

Soundproof ceiling in the apartment under the suspended ceiling

Before the soundproofing of the ceiling is performedin an apartment under a stretch ceiling, you need to decide which sounds you most often cause inconvenience. This requirement is due to the fact that there are several types of noise, and therefore, depending on its strength and reasons, you can implement different methods of soundproofing. Not in all cases, carrying out these works can completely rid the hosts of extraneous noise. In some cases, additional protection of walls and ceiling is required, since sounds can penetrate from all sides. In soft and loose surfaces, sound disappears, while solid structures contribute to its further spread. Among other things, the interlayer of air between the tension film and the base of the ceiling will contribute to the absorption of noise.

As practice shows, the most effectiveporous, soft or fibrous noise insulation. The system can consist of several different layers, which allows you to achieve the most effective result. Sound insulation of the ceiling in the apartment under the suspended ceiling can be realized with the help of mineral-basalt cotton wool, foam and foam, and mineral wool. The first option is characterized by durability, safety and ease of installation. On contact, the material does not cause negative consequences. Foam and foam can easily be glued to the surface of the ceiling, adding a layer of plaster. This approach will perfectly allow to save the apartment from the sounds of moderate loudness.

What else is necessary to know?

soundproofing under the suspended ceiling in the apartment reviews

Sound insulation of the ceiling in the apartment under tensionthe ceiling with their own hands can be realized with the help of mineral wool, at the same time the overlap will acquire the quality of fire resistance. In addition, you will provide protection from the cold. The listed materials differ in characteristics, but can reliably protect against noise. When choosing sound insulation, it is worth paying attention to the sound absorption coefficient. Thus, non-blowing materials are worse than analog ones that cope with this task.

Sound insulation system "Premium"

Soundproof ceiling in the apartment under the stretch ceiling with your own hands

Sound insulation of the ceiling in the apartment under tensionthe ceiling can be implemented by the Premium system, which provides for the use of the membrane material "Texdown". In this case, you need to perform the work in a certain sequence. At the first stage, a thermo-acoustic layer is glued to the ceiling surface, then the first layer of the membrane material "Texaund 70" is fixed to the dowel and glue. To the ceiling at the next stage, it will be necessary to install hangers on the rods, which are sometimes replaced by straight hangers.

Next in the course is a profile with a section of 60x27, thenBetween the profiles, a crate is installed. Due to the fact that the design will be quite heavy, the reliability of all fastenings must be checked, and also use 5 suspensions per one square meter of area. The resulting free space between the profiles is filled with a noise-absorbing material based on the Rockwool mineral board. Its density can vary from 40 to 60 kilograms per cubic meter.

If you perform soundproofing undertension ceiling in the apartment, it is recommended to read the comments about each material in advance. The described system, for example, is characterized by increased efficiency, according to users. The face of the profile facing the wall must be pasted with strips of membrane material "Texaund 70". If you want to get the highest efficiency of noise insulation in the Premium system, you need to leave an air gap of 50 to 200 millimeters between the layer of mineral wool and the membrane material.


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The thickness of the air layer will determineparameters of the finished noise insulation system, this parameter varies from 90 to 270 millimeters. The owners have to make a choice in the direction of the volume of the room or the silence. The modern market is also represented by the soundproofing system "Econom". It consists of a layer of the membrane "Texaund 70". "TermoZvukoIzol" and the membrane material "Texaund 70" are installed on the slab. Direct suspension should be wrapped around the membrane, and the thickness of the finished noise insulation system will be only 66 millimeters.

Reviews about sound insulation penoplex

soundproof ceiling in the apartment under the suspended ceiling materials

If you make soundproofingceiling in the apartment under the stretch ceiling, how to do such work, you have to decide even before the start of the process. However, it is important to get acquainted with the feedback that will allow you to decide which material to choose. According to users, among the main advantages of penoplex can be distinguished high strength, low weight, low water absorption, thermal conductivity, long-term operation, as well as savings when buying.

A small mass can facilitate not onlytransportation, but also installation work. As the users emphasize, if you use penoplex for soundproofing, then during the installation works the master will not need professional skills and knowledge. In addition to protection from noise, the ceiling will be resistant to the emergence and development of bacteria, as well as fungus.

Features of installation of mineral wool

Soundproof ceiling in the apartment under the stretch ceiling how to make

If you are thinking about how to do itsound insulation of the ceiling in the apartment, you will need to first familiarize yourself with the technology. For example, the use of mineral wool involves the preparation of an overhead frame that will hold the material on the surface of the ceiling. For this, it is customary to use metal profiles. The frame is fixed to the black base on the hangers, then mineral wool is installed, which in many cases is embedded with plasterboard.

Soundproofing technology for penopolis

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Before making the soundproofing of the ceiling inflat with a stretch ceiling, you need to prepare the surface. To do this, the ceiling is cleaned of old plaster, and afterwards it is treated with antiseptics, which will prevent the occurrence of mold and fungus.

In the next step, a layer of liquidwaterproofing material, and then a reinforcing mesh is reinforced on the surface. It can be installed penoplex, for which you should use good quality construction adhesive. Sound protection, like in the above described method, can be gypsum plasterboard.

Installation of roll sound insulation

If you perform sound insulation of the ceilingin an apartment under a stretch ceiling, roll materials can be used. To carry out the work you will need glue, screws, drill, as well as stepladder and soundproof material. On the ceiling are installed special guides, for which it is best to choose antivibration systems. They will protect against impact noise, for example, from the trampling of neighbors. If you make a primer, then the glue used to lay the sound insulation, grasp better. Sometimes roll materials are replaced by those that are made in the form of briquettes.

Cloths are installed on primedsurface, additionally strengthened by suspensions. All space must be filled with material, otherwise the effort will be in vain. If the webs are not tightly attached to the surface, then they can subsequently sag, forming gaps, which will become the site of noise penetration. After fixing the soundproof material, the profile is strengthened, for which it is recommended to use universal crabs. Profiles are mounted along the perimeter, and then sheets of plasterboard are installed.

Soundproofing with plaster

If it is assumed that you willsoundproofing the ceiling in the apartment under the suspended ceiling, the photo is recommended to consider in advance. This will allow us to understand which method to give preference to. One of the most common is the plastering of the surface, but you must take into account that this process is labor intensive. With it, you can eliminate the ceiling height reduction. If the level difference approaches the 5-centimeter mark, then this decision can be called the only true one. The ceiling is pre-prepared, it must be cleaned of contaminants. Special attention is paid to mold and stains. Combating fungus can be done with open fire. For this, plasma welding or a blowtorch is used.