Like Paris, Venice is full of spiritlove, inspiration and romance. Enamored couples strive to get here to experience the atmosphere of this town. But you can create Venice at home, right in the apartment! Will help in this Venetian style, so often used in interior design. The use of such design will be appropriate in the living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen and even in the bathroom.

Venetian style

What does the modern style look like?

About the design with the notes of the Venetian era is spoken of as an alloy of several styles. It combines not only colors, textures, materials, but also the stages of the development of design in different times of the formation of Venice.

When decorating a room, it is important not to forget that thisThe style should embody the presence of classical lines, architectural elements, elegant shapes, noble materials and luxurious colors. Due to the wide color palette in the decoration and the splendor of decorations, the Venetian style is easily distinguished from any other.

Design Features

This design is emphasized by grace and elegance - distinctive features of stylistics. In addition, the design of a room in the spirit of Venice is accompanied by features for which it is recognized:

  1. In the color multifaceted palette of design there are extravagant juicy combinations. Beige, purple, emerald, dark blue hue is a business card style.
  2. Gold and silver in the design emphasizeluxury and high cost of interior. It is acceptable both in the decoration and in the furnishing of the room. Make sure everything is in moderation. Excessive use of even expensive materials in decoration can make the interior more difficult, making it too pompous.
  3. The use of expensive furniture in the Venetian style, which emphasizes. This gives the interior solidity.
  4. The flooring always looks chic and large, often this marble tiled. You can use other materials stylized as natural stone.
  5. The walls are decorated with special plaster -Venetian, without which the style of design can not be called a similar name. For small rooms you can use wallpaper with silkscreen. The walls are painted in a baroque style.
  6. Among the mandatory attributes of the Venetianstylistics highlight volume and texturing. This can be a handmade carpet spread out on the floor, with clearly patterned ornaments, lush furniture for windows in the form of curtains, curtains and curtains, decorated with Venetian plaster relief surfaces.
  7. Interior design in this style can not be imagined without a mirror in a baguette made of wood or plaster.
  8. You can not do without decorative elements, including carving, twisted columns, gold leaf, hand-made carpets, painted carnival masks.

Decoration of the living room

Expensiveness and luxury are associated with Venice. In this style, the guest room, which can tell so much about its owner, looks spectacular. Implement such an idea in the design can only be subject to the finishing of a spacious room. In a small room it will not be possible to realize the idea as much as possible.

Before proceeding with the design, follow the combination of colors. Use noble and give the interior solidity shades.

Wall decoration in the guest room

For walls, silkscreen printing is best. One of them can be photographed, creating a panoramic view of the Italian courtyard or a shy landscape. On monophonic walls you can hang pictures that emphasize the style. Suitable works of Da Vinci, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Titian and other Italian artists. Often used as decorative elements are vases, massive watches and statuettes for style.

Particular attention is paid to the decoration of windows. An indispensable attribute of the decor of the Venetian living room is considered to be curtains. It is appropriate pompous portieres in the floor, otshitye of expensive and heavy material, giving a large room or living room fullness.

chandeliers with crystal pendants

More than 50% of the furniture in a Venetian style roommust be made of natural wood. Best of all will emphasize the interior of exclusive furniture made by hand on request. Choose items of furniture with carvings and expensive upholstery, for example, velvet-covered armchairs, sofas, bed headboards.

Bedroom for the "Venetian"

It is important not to overload this room with furniture. Everything should be harmonious.

To the mandatory attributes of the bedroom in the Venetian style include:

  1. A king-size wooden bed with a spectacularly decorated headboard.
  2. Glass accessories and additions in the form of artistic forging: a mirror in a baguette, candlesticks, vases.
  3. The abundance of textiles on the bed is welcome, because how richly it would not look like a sleeper, it will not have an expressive look without 2-3 spectacular bedspreads and 4-6 pillows.
  4. Massive curtains up to the floor, which perform two functions at once: decorative and practical.
  5. Chandelier with crystal pendants and decor,made of gilding. The presence of light and its use in interior design is of no small importance. It is appropriate to use point light and sufficiently powerful central lighting.

Venetian style in the interior

Venetian style in the interior looks good inrooms with high ceilings. They are covered with plaster, tinted or painted. Previously, in rich estates, the ceiling was completely covered with drawings and various patterns, using the rich colorist inherent in this style. Sometimes they created multi-tiered structures, which give the interior a multifaceted character.

Mirror in a baguette

Bathroom and kitchen in the spirit of Venice

In the design of the dining room and bathroom is important to take into accountthe necessity of the presence of columns and arches. Under the style of the interior, graceful niches are specially designed, in which on the shelves are stored cutlery, sets of dishes, expensive accessories.

 Venetian era

The walls in the kitchen and in the bathroom are decorated in pastel colors, choosing for this purpose a plaster of light shade or special waterproof wallpaper. A mandatory attribute is a mirror and a good light.

Ornate decor

Decorating with Venetian stucco

Such a finishing material is used forrecreating the unique appearance of the room. The plaster is packed in a container. Initially transparent, it lends itself to coloring. On the wall lies well, mats the surface. With the help of the material, you can give any texture to the wall. This is an excellent replacement for wallpaper.

The desired depth and transparency is achievedthanks to modern production technology and features of coating on the wall. The masters use a spatula of triangular shape for plaster application, which is topped with a special composition based on beeswax, which protects the finished surface from possible mechanical damage.

Advantages of Venetian plaster

Among the main advantages:

  • The waterproof property that the wall covering receives after finishing.
  • Durability of panels covered with plaster. The service life is limited to 10 years.
  • Hypoallergenicity.
  • Fire safety.
  • Versatility in application. This material is suitable for working with a wall covering in any room.

Sometimes the walls covered with plaster, paintby hand with exquisite patterns. The ornate décor perfectly complements the interior of the living room, executed in pompous Venetian style. These drawings fascinate, attracting glances.

furniture in the Venetian style

Remembering the basic rules applied torecreating the Venetian image, you can transform any room. Aiming to do repairs in the room using elements of Venetian decor, prepare for the fact that pomposity awaits you not only in design, but also in material costs for the project.

True Venetian style does not costwithout a wealth of colors in the design, expensive natural materials and furniture, an abundance of accessories. Connoisseurs of art know this, because they have an idea of ​​the value of real art.