Still some 20-30 years ago in the gardens of our grandmothers and mothers, spring gave joy and fragrance only lilacs, and by the end of the summer dahlias, gladioli and asters blossomed.

beautifully flowering shrubs
Today, each of us can turn our garden into acontinuous flowering, and using only beautiful flowering shrubs (photo below). This is especially true for those who simply do not have time to tinker on the flower beds every day. Therefore, when selecting plants, pay attention to the flowering period and tolerability of severe winters. Picking up the beautifully flowering bushes, replacing each other with a riot of colors, you can forget about the constant, painstaking care for them.
beautiful flowering shrubs photo

Early flowering in spring you can giveforcing. Her yellow, beautiful flowers blossom until the appearance of leaves. The following types of forsytia are winter-hardy: intermediate, ovate, pendulous. These beautifully flowering shrubs can grow up to 4 meters in height. They feel great both in the open sunny area and in the penumbra. Pests and diseases of this plant are almost unaffected. As soon as the bush is blossoming, it should be cut off, giving the necessary shape to the crown.

Then flowering can continue hawthorn,spirea, lilac or viburnum. And hawthorn and viburnum will allow you to admire not only beautiful flowering, but also bright, juicy berries. A variety of lilac can be bought absolutely any, each of them feels great in our climatic zone.

beautiful flowering shrubs for the Moscow region
Spiraea represents the most unpretentious, ornamental, beautifully flowering shrubs. In spring it is an avalanche of snow-white inflorescences, and in summer - a green plant with a neatly cut off crown.

All the above plants can always bemeet in our climatic zone. But the fact that today there is the opportunity to plant a rhododendron safely - this is incredibly pleasing. Once you see this flowering plant, you will never want to part with it, so this is an impressive sight.

beautiful flowering shrubs for the Moscow region
Beautifully flowering shrubs of rhododendron havea wide variety of colors, ranging from soft white to the brightest colors. In our natural conditions, we can plant the following rhododendrons: "yellow", "daurian", "Kamchatka", "western", "Japanese", "fori" and "katevbinsky".

For summer flowering you can plantshrubby carrot. This plentiful pink, yellow or white flowering continues for at least three months. And if you plant a chubushnik, then the whole June will be remembered by the aroma of ripe berries. This is how certain varieties of this plant smell.

bush of hydrangea
Well, no doubt, no site will not costwithout a rose - the queen of our flowerbeds. You can also make bright crimson paints by planting a buddleus. And if you like the vegel, then in your garden will appear not only crimson shades, but also purple, white and even purple-red. Even for the wettest corners of your garden there are plants. There you can put hydrangeas, whose huge caps will please you almost to the very frosts.
beautifully flowering shrubs

It would be desirable to note also tree-like peonies - stillsome beautifully flowering shrubs. For Moscow Region the best time for planting them is from the middle of August to the end of September. They love sunny, sheltered from the wind with good water drainage. Calmly refer to the penumbra, but next to the large trees they are best not to plant. In China, these plants are called "emperors of flowers", because they are beautiful not only delicious, large and fragrant flowers, but also carved, large leaves.