Recently, inflatable boats have acquired a largepopularity compared to conventional, made of duralumin. There were many reasons for this. First of all, such products are much cheaper, among other things, their storage does not require a separate room or garage. At transportation it is completely not obligatory to use additional technics. At the same time, a rubber boat, if desired, will deliver its owner to any point of the river or lake, especially if the device has a transom. The statement is true even in the presence of a motor, whose power is 3 horsepower. However, remembering the need for a transom for mounting the motor, many lovers of fishing forget about the wheels for PVC boats. This omission is serious enough, which is why it is recommended to correct it.

Need to use transom wheels

transom wheels for pvc boats with their own hands

If you decide to make a transom wheel forboats of PVC with their own hands, it is worth remembering that to move a three-seat rubber boat in an inflated condition will be quite simple. Any man of average build can handle this. Drag the device for several tens of meters is not difficult. It will be much more difficult to cope with such a task if the boat is filled with equipment and fishing equipment. The task becomes more complicated when an outboard engine is mounted on the transom. If you remove the motor and transfer all the equipment separately, the work will last for a long time. That is why many fishermen today use wheel transevye for boats PVC, their own hands can be made quite simply.

Of course, on sale you will also meet variouswheels. They can vary in size and width. Experts advise choosing wheels that have an average size and are quite impressive in width. With this addition, you can easily roll the boat through a site with dense soil. Wheels will help on sandy beaches. It is important that such wheels, as well as all fastenings are made of materials that are absolutely not afraid of moisture.

Preparation of the necessary tools and materials

transom wheels for a pvc boat with your own hands

If you decide to make a transom wheel forboats of PVC with their own hands, then it will be possible to save several thousand rubles. However, you can make wheels with such fasteners, which will have certain parameters, namely width, length and size. To perform the work it will be necessary to prepare two wheels, each of which should be 35 cm in diameter. As for the width, it can vary from 60 to 80 millimeters. Prepare a square profile with a side of 25 millimeters. In order to realize the fastening of the wheels, you will need a tube of a certain diameter. As fasteners will act cotter pins, nuts, washers and bolts. The mounting profile, of course, must be made of stainless steel. In this case, the master will have to pay a little, but the wheels will not last a season, but many years. In addition, you will need a hacksaw designed to work on metal, as well as a wrench or pliers and an electric drill.

Advice of a specialist

transom wheels for a pvc boat

If you decide to make a transom wheel forboats of PVC with their own hands, it will be necessary to apply for help to an experienced welder. The work here will be for a few minutes, so you do not have to overpay. The total cost of materials will be approximately 1500 rubles.

Technology of work

transom wheels for a pvc boat with your own hands photo

After all tools and materials have beencollected, you can proceed to the practical part. The instruction will not involve any special difficulties. Initially, it is necessary to determine the location for fixing on the hinged trunk of the profile of the wheels. The master should remember that they should not interfere with the engine, otherwise you can say goodbye to the screw. After the fixation point is determined, it is necessary to lay the segment down, and the wheels should be placed slightly below the lower edge of the transom by the length of the radius, to which you need to add about 5 centimeters.

This will ensure the necessary levelsafety and reduce the resistance when driving. The bracket for fixing the wheels can be straight or at an angle. The first option can be considered sufficiently durable and easy to manufacture. It assumes less work for the welder, among other things, the monolithic bracket will undergo an impressive impact. If the bracket is welded at a certain angle, the wheels will be located under the bottom of the boat and do not interfere with the engine.

Installing the wheel mounting bracket

self-made transom wheels for pvc boats

When transom wheels for boats are madePVC with your own hands, then the bracket can be located at a certain angle. For this, at the initial stage, 4 segments are cut off from the profile. In this case, it is necessary to use dimensions that are suitable for a particular boat. To the lower part, using a welding machine, it will be necessary to attach tubes to which rings are intended to be attached. A small through hole must be made in the tubes. In it, with the help of a cotter pin, it is necessary to strengthen the rings. Among other things, the inner ring of the tube will need to weld a nut of the desired diameter. This will eliminate the clamping of the wheels to the mount.

Recommendations of the master

drawings of transom wheels for pvc boats

If you manufacture transom wheelsfor a PVC boat with your own hands, you can compose drawings yourself or borrow them from an article. It is recommended to cover the lower end of the tubes with plastic or rubber plugs. This will protect the internal space from water. Yes, and look element will be better.

Methods of work

how to make transom wheels for a pvc boat

With the help of a drill in the upper part you need to dotwo through holes. Through them, later it will be possible to install the wheel on the trawl. Now it will be necessary to connect the two parts of the fastening by welding. The angle between the elements can vary from 35 to 45 degrees. The ends have to be cut somewhat, so that they are closer to each other at a selected angle.

After the welding work is completed,it will be necessary to impose wheels on the tubes and fix them with the help of a cotter pin and washer. On this we can assume that the transom wheels for the PVC boat with their own hands, the photos of which are presented in the article, are fulfilled. If there is a desire, then the mounts can be painted using waterproof paint.

Mounting of wheels

The fixation of the wheels on the transom is considered more complicatedstage in comparison with what was described above. That is why it is necessary to approach the implementation of these works as seriously as possible. Initially, it is necessary to attach the fastener to the wooden trench. The holes are drawn marks, and then using a drill in the transom a hole of the required diameter is made. The next step is to use a small sheet, which is made of textolite, aluminum or duralumin, and then do exactly the same holes in it. The perforated sheet is applied to the inner side of the transom, and afterwards a hole is made in it, as in the tree. When installing the bolts, make sure that the hats are located on the side of the boat. When self-made transom wheels for PVC boats are manufactured, the use of a metal sheet allows the load to be distributed as evenly as possible over the area of ​​the boat. Whereas if you place the bolt caps inside, this will ensure that the boat's side is not damaged by protrusions. A washer of the correct size is pushed onto the bolts. At the next stage, the wheels are mounted on these bolts, and then fixed with a nut and washer.

Nuances of works

If you are thinking about how to make transomwheels for the boat PVC, then in the performance of the above-described work, it is necessary to make sure that the wheels are under the transom. This is true when using the wheel locking system at a certain angle. The described procedure should be repeated with the second wheel, only after that it can be considered that the work is completed. The master can install a mounted transom on a rubber boat to comfortably roll it along the beach, mud, stones and sand.

Homemade transom wheels for a PVC boat,drawings of which you can easily compose independently, are made quite simply. With this will be able to cope with any fish. However, before doing this, you need to make sure that you have the skills to work with iron, tools and wood. As a result, it turns out that the cost of new wheels is 3 times lower compared to what you can buy in a specialized store.


Drawings of transom wheels for boats of PVC will allowyou exclude possible errors. Do not assume that carrying out the above work is an impossible task. It's enough just to start the process, as it will continue by itself.