To understand what is plungerpump, you must first determine which category it can be attributed. Quite often in everyday life, there is a need to mix several components of the solution in a specific ratio. Usually, a metering pump is used for this purpose. It is a hydraulic device that allows mixing and dosing liquid substances. On the specifics of their work, these pumps are divided into non-volatile and volumetric ones. Their difference is in a special container, in which there are liquids supplied for mixing.

Plunger Pump
There is such a variety as plungera pump that belongs to the bulk category. In their specific work and structure, such devices are similar to piston ones. The main difference is in the features of the plunger, that is, a special piston. It is a metal rod moving in the working chamber of the dosing pump reciprocally, while it does not interact with the walls. The plunger is the main element for the operation of the plunger pump. In this regard, it has a number of specific requirements: it must be strong, sealed, wear-resistant, ensuring high-quality and reliable operation of the pump. The cost of the device depends on what materials it was made of.

High pressure plunger pumps
The plunger pump has a certain specificitywork: when the plunger moves to the right side, the pressure in the working compartment is significantly reduced, and the pressure in the suction pipe stably remains high. When a difference in pressure is formed, the suction valve starts to work, by means of which the liquid moves to the pump working chamber. When the plunger moves to the left, an opposite pressure change occurs, which opens the discharge valve, which displaces the liquid from the working chamber.

Plunger pumps for water
Plunger pump by such a pressure changecreates a certain ripple. This can have a negative effect on the operation of the device, so you should fix the problem. You can use several plungers, which are connected by a shaft, while they must move cyclically, but each cycle must differ from the other angle and phase of motion. Another option involves creating opportunities and conditions for differential pump operation, in which pumping is performed while the valve is moving in either direction.

Plunger pumps for water work in the same wayprinciple, as usual. The volume of pumped liquid here depends on what pressure is inside, that is, the higher it is, the more matter passes. The design features of the devices allow them to be divided into several categories: single- and multi-plunger; with a heating jacket, without it, with the sealing of the cylinders; with manual or automatic control; horizontal or vertical; single and multi-cylinder. High pressure plunger pumps are able to work with different types of liquid, and therefore they are made from different materials, depending on the working medium used.