Rotating spoon-baits use a largepopular with spinners, because they are very catchy. But their main advantage is simplicity of design, that's why many make such bait with their own hands. Moreover, the turntable allows you to fish in any conditions, even specific ones.

Features of self-made bait

Many fishermen prefer to userotating spinners, as they can catch not only roach and bream, but also predators. These metal plates weigh 0.5-20 grams. To catch a large fish, it is not necessary to use large-sized turntables, quite often it can be caught in small spoon-bait. The thing is that predators are attracted not by the size of the bait, but by the fluctuations during the wiring.

spoon-bait with her hands for perch spinner

Species of rotating lures

The pinwheels are divided according to their location into the following types:

  • Overloaded. Pear-shaped weight in them is on the axis and shifts to the edge of the bait with a thickened part.
  • With central loading. The cargo in such baits is strictly symmetrical or has the shape of a bell, it is located on the axis.
  • Frontloaded. In these turntables, the load is placed in the front part.

However, the greatest demand ismade lures turntable with their hands with a forward weight, which is often made in the form of the head of a small fish. In addition, such baits are formed during the flight, which allows to increase the casting distance. Moreover, the asymmetric shape of the load-head excludes the twisting of the line during the wiring process, and even the sweeping of it over the tee. Another unquestionable advantage of the preloaded lures is that they begin to spin as soon as they are in the water.

how to make a spinner with my own hands

To make your own bait turned outit is necessary first of all to study its composition in detail. After all, from each element of the turntable the oscillation frequency and play depend. For example, rotating spoon-baiters with front loading, as a rule, consist of a central axis, a load-head on steel wire, a clamp, a bead, a petal, a tee and a cambric.

Methods of making a turntable

There are two options, how to make a spoon-turntablesown hands. The first method involves assembling the bait from the finished parts. For this, special spare parts are purchased and spoon-baits of various shapes and colors are created. But another way involves making a turntable from scratch.

Of course, the first option is easierand even fascinating, as for the assembly of the spoon-bait there are all the details. The second method will require the fisherman a lot of effort and a lot of free time. In addition, some skills of needlework and a special tool will be needed for the work. If the experience is in creating things with your own hands, then problems with making bait for perch, pike or other predator should not arise.

manufacture of spinners with their own hands

Necessary tools and materials for work

The spinner is assembled with the help of such elements as:

  • petals, which can be made of brass, copper or tin;
  • beads for supporting petals;
  • lead;
  • shrink tubing about 5 mm in size;
  • clamps, threads and tees;
  • steel wire with a diameter of at least 0.5 mm.

And also for work, you will need cutting pliers, pliers, round-bends, a hammer and sandpaper.

spoon spinning spoon with your own hands

How is the spinner spinning with his own hands?

When you create all the bait elements, you needgreat attention is paid to the size and shape of the petal - as this is the main part of the turntable. The narrower it is, the smaller the angle to which the spoon will bend from the axis of symmetry, and its rotation will become faster.

To attract predatory fish like pike, it is better to use oval petals, slowly turning, and for catching perch, on the contrary, narrow, exciting high-frequency oscillations.

The manufacture of spinning-spinner tools with their own hands implies also the choice of the shape of the petals, which are different:

  • "Indiana" - bait, which has an average range of indicators;
  • "Colorado" - a bait with a huge lift;
  • "Mepps French" - universal elongated spinner;
  • "Willow leaf" - a bait for wiring in standing water and on a fast current.

The petal of the turntable is cut with special scissors for metal made of brass, tin or copper, not more than 0.5 mm thick. Then a rounded hammer gives this part a bulge, a bend and a shape.


Making a clamp for a spoon-bait

When the petal is ready, it should be fixed toaxis, for which you will need a clamp. Of course, you can make a bait without it, but then the spinner will rotate worse. If you do not want to do it, remove the clamp with unnecessary bait or buy.

This element is made of a thinplates of brass. It cuts out a narrow billet from 1-1.5 mm in size, in which then holes are made and all burrs are removed. Then it will only be necessary to give the homemade clamp a shape. Basically it is made semicircular or in the form of a staple.

Some make such a detail fromwire, exceeding the diameter of the bait axis, by winding the edges. It should be remembered that the rotation of the plate depends on the shape of the clamp. And on one bait, you can do just two options for turning the petal. Suppose, when it has a triangular shape, it rotates slowly and long, and semicircular - quickly.

Then with the help of round-nosed it is necessary to rollfree edge of the wire in the ring, after which a buckle is hung on the tee. Still on it knit plumage of lurex or woolen threads, which is securely fixed with glue.

Further on the fork of the tee should be plantedthermophyte tube. Seat it on the fire lighters, acting carefully, so as not to spoil the plumage. This hard fixing is done to reduce the number of lures, as it flies head first, and there is a weight. Thus, it turns out an excellent forklift spinner on the pike with their own hands.


This spinner can be improved if desired,you just need to equip it with a screw. After all, made a spinner with a propeller with his own hands is capable of moving the blades to attract predators. The screw behind the bait creates a vortex that causes it to sway. The movements in this case go uneven, similar to the swim of an injured small fish. The propeller does not have to be mounted on a rotary spindle, it can be attached to a silicone or oscillator. It turns out a beautiful spinner.

Spoon for making a spinning spoon

It is more difficult to create rotators with your own hands thanmake them from ready-made parts, but many spinners - consider this occupation very exciting. During the assembly of bait on large fish, time flies by unnoticed. It is often used when a spoon-bait spinner is made, spoons. With their own hands, baits made from these cutlery are very catchy. True, they will require a small workshop for their manufacture.

Such a spinner-spinning wheel with its own hands is made of the following materials: a swivel, a tablespoon, winding rings under the line and for fixing the tees. In addition, you will need:

  • vise;
  • grinding wheel;
  • pliers;
  • hacksaw for metal;
  • drill and hammer.

With this method you get a good spoon-bait with your hands on perch. The pinwheel attracts this predatory fish to itself with fluctuations.

Before you get started, you should firsthacksaw to saw off a small part to create a spoon-bait, namely the tip of the handle is about 8-12 cm. The resulting workpiece must be processed on the grinding wheel to get rid of sharp edges and slightly round it.

a spoon with your own hands with a propeller by your own hands

Then you have to drill holes in the workpiece,through which it will be possible to pass through the transmission rings. Another little change in the shape of the future turntables, so that her game attracted predatory fish. One edge of the carved handle should be clamped in the vice, and the other should be turned with a pair of pliers. The bait after these actions should get the screw-shaped form. On both sides of the workpiece attached transmission rings, and where the leash and line are fixed, a swivel is attached.

Some recommendations

Do not use the turntable in a too coldweather. Remember that for a perch in the winter there is nothing better than a live bait. Inexperienced fishermen are recommended to use rotating spoon-bait with oval petals, besides, to take with them several pieces of spare.

Apparently, there is nothing difficult to make a turntable, and anyone, even a novice fisherman will be able to make it with their own hands. The main thing is not to be lazy, and then you will definitely get a catchy bait.