At the moment, all the toilet bowls can be dividedon several types: floor, hanging and angular. Models of the latter classification are the best option for those who have limited space in the bathroom. It is about them that will be discussed.

corner toilet

Angular toilet bowls: features and benefits

This type of sanitary ware is ideal forThose who wish to rationally use the free space in the bathroom. Angular toilet bowls differ in their compactness and functionality. Their main feature is the right angle of the drain tank, thanks to which the rational use of the area is obtained. The corner toilet is attached to the corner of the room, so it does not take up a lot of space and leaves enough room for a shower cubicle. Free space can be occupied by a washing machine and other household appliances. In addition, these toilets perfectly fit into any room design. It is these advantages that contribute to their growing popularity.


corner toilets
Angular toilet is not only rationaluse of the area, but also a variety in design. A wide range of colors and various forms and installations make it an indispensable element in every home. You can find oval, round, convex and even rectangular products. Sanitary shops have many models of corner toilet bowls from various manufacturers. And in order not to make a mistake with a choice, you need to know all the nuances and follow certain rules. How to choose the right corner toilet, we will tell in this article.

Dimensions and shape

Before choosing carefully review your designBathroom and compare it with the desired shape of the toilet. Choose the one that most harmoniously fits into your interior. After that, measure its dimensions so that it does not seem too large against the backdrop of a small room and vice versa - tiny in a spacious bathroom.


One of the main features when choosingSanitary equipment is the material from which it is made. Now in the stores are products of glass, plastic and even cast iron. But the best option is the corner toilet bowl made of ceramics. It is very durable, reliable and also easier to clean.

Design and manufacturer

Toilets angular
The final characteristic is the qualityproduct design. Look closely at him. Check the toilet bowl for chips and cracks. According to reviews, the best country-manufacturer of sanitary ware is Italy, as well as Germany. Italian toilet bowls are the most reliable, but also the most expensive. However, it is not worth saving here, since this product will serve for many years - not every day we have to buy such equipment.


And finally I would like to say about the costof this equipment. Some people insist that the corner toilet is the most expensive kind of all that exists in the world. But this is not so. The price for them is almost the same as for classical floor analogues. With all the nuances and selection criteria, we sorted it out, so if you decide to buy a corner type, boldly go to the store.