Such a dangerous and unpleasant phenomenon as the emergence ofmalicious insects in the house, are designed to eliminate a variety of different means. The "Raptor" aquafumigator, reviews and information about which you will find in this article, is rather well known and widely used by consumers. The principle of its operation, as well as efficiency, should be considered before starting operation.

General characteristics

The "Raptor" aquafumigator, which testifies about its effectiveness, is a universal remedy for mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, bedbugs and other existing types of insects.

Aquafumigator Raptor reviews

But this is not his only dignity. According to reviews, the aquafumigator "Raptor" allows not to be present at the time of disinfection in the apartment. This is appreciated by many users of this product.

If the owners of the house have children, animals, and the owners themselves would not like to be at the moment of chemical treatment in the room, then the presented means will do the best.

Action aquafumigator

The principle of the device such a device as an aquafumigator from all insects is extremely simple.

In the special container is the active substance. The container with the chemical is placed in water. When reacting, these two substances produce steam, which contains disinfectants.

Aquafumigator from cockroaches

Thanks to this method of distribution, the aquafumigator is able to quickly get rid of all insects, reaching even the most inaccessible places, crevices and inaccessible pest shelters.

Fumigator "Raptor" effectively eliminates the threat posed by the presence of insects in the house.

Qualities of the preparation

Fumigator "Raptor" has a number of advantages:

  • Efficiency. This quality is ensured by the maintenance in a disinfecting agent of a substance, such as cyto-ototrin of Japanese manufacture. It helps to get rid of the problem of insects in the house once and for all.

Aquafumigator from all insects

  • Ease of use. Nothing but water will be needed to activate the work of such a tool as "Raptor" from ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ticks and other insects.
  • Security. This quality is confirmed laboratory. The only condition for the safety of the application of the presented product is the strict adherence to the instructions from the manufacturer.
  • Uniqueness. When minimizing the human contact with chemicals during pest control, the active substance can cope with pests without effort even in the most inaccessible corners of the apartment.
  • Universality of place of application. "Raptor" from mosquitoes, mites, ants will help get rid of unwanted pests in the suburban area. For residents of apartments the same tool will become an indispensable assistant in the case of driving out cockroaches, flies and other insects from the home.

Application technology

The manufacturer provides a certain sequence of actions for the operation of the presented product.

Initially, it is necessary to open the package and get all its contents out. Inside there should be a metal container. It should be removed from the package. From the bag poured water into the jar.

Fumigator Raptor

The next step is to place the container in thea jar of water. As soon as this part of the work is done, leave the room for at least 2-3 hours. It is better if the dwelling will be left for the whole night. The "Raptor" aquafumigator from bugs, cockroaches and ants during this time will fully fulfill its functions. Returning home, the owners can count on the complete destruction of insects in the walls of the treated premises.

Even the most heavily excreted pest species can be eliminated with the help of the presented technology.

Recommendations for use

The manufacturer has provided for a number of rules and recommendations for the operation of such a disinfectant as the Raptor aquafumigator against mosquitoes, ticks, flies and other insects.

One of the requirements of the instruction manualmeans to disable the fire safety sensors. It is also advisable to warn neighbors about the upcoming disinfestation of the premises, so that none of them, seeing the smoke, did not call the fire department.

Aquafumigator raptor from bugs

The next requirement, stipulatedmanufacturer, is to place the container in the center of the room on a flat, smooth surface. After that, you need to open the doors of all cabinets, cupboards or sideboards, in order to allow the active substance in the form of steam to freely penetrate into the narrowest and most hidden from the eyes space, where pests are so fond of hiding.

After three weeks after the processing of the room, it is necessary to perform a superficial treatment of the room. This is due to the possibility of the appearance of insects from eggs left by pests.

It is necessary to calculate how many containers withThe active substance will be needed to process the required quadrature of the house. "Raptor" from ants, mosquitoes, ticks and other insects is designed to process the room up to 30 m2. If the room is larger, two vials of the disinfectant should be used at the same time.

Recommendations not specified in the instructions

There are a number of actions that are secretly used by users and are transmitted to each other through all sorts of sources.

One such rule is the elimination ofThe treatment room is not only living beings, but also certain things. Without fail, you need to remove food and dishes from the room. All these things are better to transfer to the balcony.

Mosquito Raptor

Another rule is the need to decompose all the sofas, armchairs and folding elements. They can also live in insects.

Children's things, toys and all objects with which the child is in contact, also need to be hidden away from the place of pest control.

After working with the disinfector "Raptor" from mosquitoes, mites, ants and other insects, you should thoroughly wash your hands with soap.

Negative product reviews

In various resources you can find a lot of comments to the presented drug. Among them there are both positive and negative opinions.

One of the most frequently encountered negativecomments is the lack of effectiveness of the action of such a product as the aquafumigator "Raptor". Comments of a negative nature can be explained by several facts. Perhaps the requirements of the operating instructions have not been met in full. If the lair of insects is located far from the place of processing, the tool will also show its inconsistency. It is necessary to identify the location of most pests.

Raptor from ants

If the drug was used for hard-to-extractinsects, and the result did not meet expectations, one should turn to the help of more narrowly specialized, specialized means. Perhaps because of the frequent use of other disinsectors, insects have adapted to the effect of chemicals on them.

Fulfilling all the recommendations presented by the manufacturer, the operation of the presented means will be the most effective.

Positive reviews

From positive opinions about the presentedproduct can be distinguished ease of use. Aquafumigator from cockroaches, bugs, ants and other pests does not require any additional means, except for ordinary water. Many people like this.

Another factor noted in the positive comments is the lack of human participation in the disinfection process and minimal contact with chemicals.

Concerning the effectiveness of the presented productthere are many confirming this feedback. And the comments make it clear that even the most difficult types of pests were destroyed by an aquafumigator.

Having become acquainted with the characteristics, requirements andrecommendations on the process of exploitation of a universal insect remedy, one can be convinced of its effectiveness. There is much evidence of the quality of such a tool as the aquafumigator "Raptor". Feedback from users is mostly positive. Applying a correctly presented product, one can not doubt its effectiveness.