Grandma's house in the village, a small window andlush geranium on the windowsill. These associations are familiar to us from childhood. Now this plant with bright flowers is, probably, in every house. Why are geraniums so popular? Yes, because they are unpretentious, blossom long and lush, decorate the interior of the house, being in the pot, or the design of the garden, if grow on the site. We will tell you how to care for her, and we will help you to understand the question of why geraniums do not bloom.

Does not blooming geranium?

why do not blossom geraniums

It seems to you that you know everything about geranium, butSometimes it happens that in appearance a healthy plant suddenly ceases to bloom. It seems that you are taking care of your favorite flowers, and you surround them with care, but they do not want to please you with their bright flowering. So why do not the geraniums bloom?

This plant, which is scientifically called"Pelargonium", although not whimsical, but when caring for it you need to take into account some points. If one day your flower has ceased to bloom, then the reasons can be as follows:

- perhaps you do not sufficiently feed your pelargonium or do it not with those fertilizers;

- you water your beautiful geranium, so it can also stop blooming;

- the pot is too big for it;

- no spring pruning;

- for geranium there is little light, or it grows in direct sunlight;

- the air temperature in the house is not suitable for this flower;

- geraniums are stuffy.

As you can see, there are many reasons why geraniums do not blossom, but we will try to understand each one.

indoor flowers geranium care

How to take care of geraniums

There is an opinion that pelargonians make a personfriendly, help to achieve the set goals, attract good into the house and make it more comfortable. Here they are - indoor flowers geranium. Care for them must be appropriate. Try to create the necessary conditions for geraniums, and they will thank you for a beautiful and long flowering.

The complex of measures for the care of geraniums is as follows:

all about geraniums

- plant the geranium in a small pot, so that it is a little cramped in it (in the large pot the greenery grows and the root grows, and the geranium blossoms poorly or does not bloom at all);

- Pelargonium loves neighbors, so in one pot you can plant immediately up to 4 bushes of this flower;

- the soil must be sod with the addition of sand and humus, change the top layer of soil in the pot every year to a new one;

- Transplant your geranium every 2 years;

- the room should be well lit, but do not put the pot with the plant directly under the sun;

- do not water the flower unnecessarily, but do it only if the soil dries (it is better often, but less);

- watering, make sure that the water does not fall on the leaves and flowers, pour under the root;

- Feeding, avoid organic fertilizers, use additives with the content of potassium and phosphorus (do fertilizing whenever possible every week);

- in the summer it is better to keep geranium on the balcony in the fresh air, and in winter put pots away from radiators (geranium likes to spend the winter at a temperature of 10-15 degrees);

- Cut the pelargonium bushes and remove dried flowers (shorten stems approximately twice);

- plant your geranium in the flowerbed for the summer, if there is such an opportunity.

If you follow these simple rules, then you will not be wondering why the geraniums do not bloom.