Heating equipment is produced in a hugerange of options, models and modifications. Aggregates differ in size, the principle of heating and the spread of heat, appearance and energy consumption. Typically, if the choice is made in favor of one of the performance indicators, then you have to sacrifice other characteristics. This is the case with the category of low-power compact heaters. But in some cases, high power is not required. For example, skirting electric convector, though not a record in terms of heating efficiency, but it seamlessly fits into the interiors of modern apartments and takes up little space.

Features of skirting convectors

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Convectors are considered the best option forheating of small apartments. This is due to the fact that they are safe for users, have small dimensions and presentable design. All these qualities are completely superimposed on the plinth models. In modern versions, the plinth electric convector also allows to regulate the temperature regime with a high accuracy - up to 0.1 degrees. The instrument is controlled by means of a thermostat, which also provides a whole range of auxiliary options for setting operating parameters.

As already noted, such units can notcompare on the power indicators with more dimensional alternative installations, but this defect can be compensated for by using several devices at different points in the house. By means of a special adapter, the plinth electric convector can easily be connected to a common network of several heaters.

Types of equipment

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Traditional convectors are of the typefastening and form factor, but plinth modifications almost always provide for wall mounting. Therefore, the main factor of the separation is the kind of thermostat, which, by the way, can be completely absent in the budget versions. So, control can be carried out through mechanics or electronics. Thermostats of the first type are adjusted manually, but models with such equipment are cheaper. Electronics makes plinth type convectors more expensive, but adds convenience in the process of operation. Modern devices can provide a programmable way of working. Also classify convectors according to their intended purpose from the point of view of the place of use. Manufacturers produce special models for winter gardens, greenhouses, living rooms, bedrooms and children's rooms.

Reviews about models "Megador"

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The main advantages of these heaterscarry the execution of the main function. As users note, the convectors of this family not only provide high heat output, but also are highly accurate when the temperature regime is brought to the required parameters. In particular, the Koner series is the most promising development of the Megador brand. The skirting convector, reviews of the thermal function of which are generally supportive, may well show gaps in reliability. This also applies to the products of this manufacturer. Many users indicate the burning of the internal filling, as well as poor-quality insulation.

Model Reviews Dimplex

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Under the brand Dimplex manufactured plinth modelsseries LC. According to the owners, these convectors have the ability to quickly warm up, operate with little or no noise and require a small amount of energy to feed. True, unlike the previous model, LC modifications have more solid dimensions, so it is not worth hoping for a supercompact room equipment with a heater. But in terms of reliability plinth electric convectors Dimplex censures almost do not cause. The remote controller adds ergonomics to the devices, and the protective panel of the case allows the device to be used even in the children's room.

Comments about Noirot models

The Melodie Evolution line is designed for use in small rooms with an area of ​​about 10 m2. Owners of such devices point tostable work with instant warm-up, and also emphasize the special external coating of the case. The fact is that the designers used a mimetic layering, due to which the outer panels take a shade, optimally included in the stylistic composition of the room. In addition, the plinth heating convectors from Noirot have modern thermostats, which are easy to operate. In addition, users testify to the accurate maintenance of the established temperature regime.

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Disadvantages of skirting convectors

Still, the main disadvantage of almost allskirting convectors there is still a lack of capacity, which is due to the size of the equipment and the principle of heating. The very concept of such devices does not allow operation at high power levels - this is also explained by the requirements for safety. Anyway, but using a skirting convector to heat a room of a large area is impractical. At least, its function can not meet the requirements for the main sources of heating. Another drawback is energy consumption. In the general range of electric heaters, this is one of the most economical devices - in any case, manufacturers regularly demonstrate new developments aimed at optimizing operating costs. But if we compare it with devices working on gas, water or solid fuel sources, then the financial investments for the maintenance of such equipment will significantly exceed the requests of alternative systems.

How to choose the best model?

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It is necessary to be guided by the power potential,form factor, availability of additional functionality and adjustment system. The basic technical performance indicators are still, among them power and temperature range. If there are no special requirements for heating, then you can stop the choice on one of the models "Megador". The lowest category is a plinth electric convector, whose price is about 5 thousand rubles. This is an appropriate option if you want to provide a small living room or kitchen with heat. If the equipment is demanded from the point of view of ergonomics and functionality, then the choice should be made in favor of the brand Dimplex. These systems are easy to use, offer a new look at the convector control system, and are safe to use. Noirot products are optimal for all criteria, but it can be purchased for 15-20 thousand. This is a rather large sum for a small heater, but the user can also rely on the durability and reliability of the device.

Installation Rules

Virtually no installation operationsperforming dirty work. Wall mounting method involves the use of metal joints, the choice of which is determined by the material of the finish. It is much more important to comply with the requirements for the location of the device. As the producers note, the installation of skirting convectors should be performed no more than 20 cm from the level of the floor covering. In this case, the protrusions on the wall that are above the unit should not exceed 15 cm. All convectors also have the rule of placing furniture and other interior items with respect to heated surfaces. Regarding the connection, unlike the high-power heating equipment, which is mostly represented by boiler plants, these devices operate only from the 220 V network. Again, using the fittings for flush mounting, the owner of a small apartment can organize the complex heating of all rooms with the help of two or three heaters. The wiring can be fixed both in the underground and in the wall niches.


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The converter segment has always been attractive forowners of housing in apartment buildings. In many respects, because this equipment requires the least space, does not spoil the appearance of the interior and at the same time copes with its tasks. In addition, and for the price this option is still one of the most attractive. Suffice it to recall that skirting convectors electric "Megador" are available on the market for 5-6 thousand rubles. Nevertheless, when choosing a heating system in the first stages, it is worthwhile to evaluate the possibility of using other solutions. Perhaps the closest competitor for this type of converter could be underground heating. Such systems are completely hidden under the floor, from which the room is heated. But, for energy supply, such systems are more expensive. Plus, it's worth adding and complicating the installation. Therefore, skirting heaters still remain the only alternative, and if the lack of capacity plays a special role in terms of the quality of operation, then this system can be used even as the main source of heating.