Among a variety of items of kitchen utensilsthere are such, without which it is impossible to imagine preparing many dishes. It is, of course, a frying pan. A good housewife never perceives it as a banal device for frying. And if it is also a non-stick frying pan, then in the hands of the master it becomes a muse that encourages the creation of real masterpieces.

Dream mistresses

From time immemorial, women dreamed of havingkitchen such pans, to which nothing would stick and not burn. With the development of science and modern industry, these secret desires were realized. Now there is an anti-stick frying pan in almost every house.

non-stick frying pan

It can be purchased at any store. And not just buy, but even choose. This is a very important factor, considering that all frying pans can differ among themselves according to several indicators:

  • material of manufacture,
  • type of coverage,
  • size,
  • external design.

The material is usually usedaluminum, cast iron or stainless steel. Judging by the thermal conductivity, the first option, of course, is more advantageous than the others. He surpasses this indicator: steel 13 times, cast iron 4 times. For electric cookers, this comparison speaks volumes. A good landlady always remembers saving. In addition, each non-stick frying pan is manufactured using a certain technology, which also has its minuses and pluses.

Coating Options

As practice shows, on cast-iron frying pansrarely apply non-stick coatings. Yes, it is not necessary. The material itself has a similar property. Most often for this use dishes made of aluminum and its alloys. Probably, the main role in this choice is the weight of the product, because a light non-stick frying pan is more convenient to handle. A cover can be very different:

1) Teflon. It is based on a chemical compound called polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which was discovered by chemists back in 1938. The material is resistant to high temperatures and various aggressive media (alkalis, acids). However, it has two significant drawbacks. First, Teflon does not tolerate contact with metal. All spoons and coils should be made of plastic only. Secondly, it negatively relates to sudden temperature changes.

2) Ceramic. A decent product of the 21st century. Special properties of such a coating allow maximum preservation of the vitamin and mineral complex of the products used. But just like Teflon, it is afraid of a sudden change in temperature.

3) Titanium. The increased strength allows to reliably protect the product and use cutlery from any materials when frying. In addition, because of the good conductivity of heat, all dishes are prepared much faster.

But the choice is always made by the buyer and he decides what is best.

Famous Brand

Among the numerous producers of tableware andof kitchen utensils, the French company "Tefal" stands out. It was the first in the world who began to produce aluminum pans with a special coating applied on them, which prevented the burning of food. Founded in 1956, the company to this day is considered the leader in the world market among producers of not only dishes, but also household appliances. Over the past years, the non-stick frying pan "Tefal" has undergone many changes.

non-stick frying pan

Technology companies are constantly working on the development of new types of indoor coatings. To date, the most popular of them are:

1) Resist. This is a four-layer film applied to the inner surface of the aluminum container. The dishes with such a coating can last at least two years.

2) Expert. This option is much stronger due to an additional fifth layer. Food on such frying pans can be cooked even with the use of metal appliances.

The company's products are constantly updatedcopies. Each of them has interesting features in its design. For example, "Premier" is a usual frying pan with a "Resist" type coating, which is supplemented with a device called "Thermo-Spot". It allows you to control the heating level to determine the cooking start time. The next development of the company is Tefal Logics. It uses the type of coverage "Expert" and the novelty of the season - the unique bottom of "Durabase Technology", which ensures a uniform heating throughout the perimeter. The last invention is the "Cooklight" frying pan. It is a copy of the previous model, supplemented with a removable pen. This method allows you to use cooking utensils in the oven.

Crockery for special frying

Given the different ways of cooking, manufacturing companies began to produce new products. This is a non-stick grill pan.

non-stick frying pan

It largely repeats its predecessors, but it has a number of constructive features.

1) She does not have the usual internal surface. On it there are relief ledges arranged parallel to each other in several rows. As a result, the area of ​​contact of the frying pan with food decreases. This makes it possible to cook at maximum heat without forming a dense crust. On the surface of a roasted piece of meat, for example, remains a pattern that simulates a grate.

2) Such frying pans have on the side a special groove for draining accumulated moisture or fat. Sometimes there are even two of them. This allows you to remove liquid from the desired side.

3) Some models have an additional handle. Sometimes for safety it is covered with heat-resistant material.

Tableware of this type can be of different shapes (round, square). This is of no fundamental importance, but some like non-standard options.

Additional equipment

Special approval of customers uses a frying pan with a lid. The non-stick film does not allow the products to stick to the bottom, and the transparent dome from above allows you to monitor the progress of the cooking process.

frying pan with lid non-stick

Such a set can be considered especially successful. Using the lid gives many advantages:

1) It protects from splashing of boiling fat. This allows you to keep the kitchen clean and protect yourself from possible burns.

2) The dish is best roasted from the inside.

3) In a closed space, the process goes much faster. This makes it possible to save electricity or gas in the presence of meters. Here is a direct saving for your own purse.

4) The finished product turns out to be more juicy due to the fact that the lid prevents the removal of moisture in the form of evolved steam.

Such kits are good for use in thosecases, if you want to first lightly fry the product, and then slightly to put out. Many companies have mastered the production of such models. For example, the same "Tefal" released a sample of "Provence" with a particularly strong bottom Durabase, an indicator Thermo-Spot and the newest wear-resistant coating "Resist Plus". The model immediately fell in love and began to sell well in stores.

Competent opinion

Now no one is surprised standing on the stovenon-stick frying pan. Reviews of housewives say that the goods are really popular and the consumer needs it. The fact is that there is no eternal utensil. Sooner or later each of them breaks down and requires replacement. Therefore, it is necessary to know well all the positive aspects of the goods in order to have a clear idea of ​​the upcoming purchase.

non-stick frying pan отзывы

In these unique items of kitchen utensils everything is taken into account:

1) Different materials allow you to select the desiredmodel. For example, it is better not to use models made of cast iron on the hob. For this, there are lightweight aluminum options. But it must be remembered that the bottom must necessarily be covered with special enamel to protect it from contact with glass ceramics.

2) They allow cooking without fat. True, the product loses its taste. In addition, this method leads to damage to the frying pan itself. Therefore, a little oil should still be there.

3) Sometimes there are questions about the pens. Best if it is made of metal and covered with heat-resistant material. And fixing with screws and soldering is not entirely reliable. Therefore, it is better to choose a removable version.

All buyers unanimously say that such a frying pan is a real find. This should not even be doubted.