Every florist, lovingly growing on his ownthe windowsill of a home mini-garden, sometimes begins to wonder: why do leaves turn yellow at indoor plants? It seemed to take care of them, as expected, cared, watered, fertilized, nipped - and suddenly such complications. Do not despair at once. Some reasons are simply not dangerous, and others can be eliminated.

Why do the leaves turn yellow?

Natural yellowing

Precisely say why leaves turn yellow at roomplants, not knowing exactly which flowers are meant and under what conditions they are, is impossible. However, there are common reasons, characteristic of any of them. The simplest is aging. And necessarily the whole plant has grown old - it can be quite viable and will grow in joy for you for a long time. However, the change of foliage is quite natural: some leaves turn yellow and fall, others grow in place of them. And before the frightened, that the flowers of the flowers yellow leaves, why do not you first watch them? If otherwise the flower continues to evolve and does not go off on its own, it means everything is in order.

Wrong humidification

If the matter is not in natural aging, one of thethe most common reasons why the leaves turn yellow at indoor plants, is incorrect watering. Most often excessive. Few flowers need a lot of water, usually there should be a moderate amount. It is better to water more often than to pour. However, there is a reverse situation - a lack of moisture. True, in this case, flower growers are more likely to wonder why the tips of the leaves of houseplants dry. So when buying a new pet should take an interest in its water regime and follow the recommendations.

the flowers of the flowers turn yellow. Why?

Attention - a draft!

This is no less frequent factor of why yellowleaves near plants. Especially dangerous drafts for flowers that are of tropical origin. And if most flower growers remember this, when they open the windows, then the fact that the draft is created and conditioned is often forgotten. The fans are also not safe in this respect. So, having noticed a suspicious yellowing, check to see if your pets are on the path of an accidental wind.

Problems with light

As in the case of water, the excess is also dangerous, andlack. If the leaves of the room flowers turn yellow, why - it is easy to understand: there simply does not reach the sun. It is advisable to move the plant to a brighter place of residence. In the absence of such an opportunity it will be necessary to regularly turn the pot, so that all the foliage "feeds" on the light. Or equip additional lighting.

why the leaves of houseplants dry

Excess of light is not only manifested by yellowing,but also education in the middle of a yellow patch of dark spots - sunburn. In this case, the plant must be shaded, especially at noon. To do this, the usual curtain - it will scatter too bright rays.


Especially often,why leaves turn yellow at indoor plants, arises with the inclusion of heating. And not always the flowers are too close to the radiators, and the problem is still there. It is caused by too dry air. Considering that there is much less light in winter, you can understand that the flower is experiencing severe discomfort and starts to get rid of the "excess weight". It can be helped by sprinkling, placing a number of bowls with water, and for broad-leaved plants - rubbing the leaves with a damp rag.

Problems with food

Irregular or incorrect fertilizer, toomay be the answer to the question of why the leaves turn yellow at the houseplants. Yellow foliage in combination with dark veins signals an excess of calcium. That is, most likely, you watered the flower with unstable, hard water. Yellowing, starting from the tip and spreading along the edge of the plate, indicates a lack of potassium. A leaf that turns yellow throughout the surface indicates a deficiency of nitrogen or sulfur.


The most unpleasant reason why it turns yellowthe leaves of indoor plants are, of course, infections. And before to find out which, and treat the injured, it must be isolated from other inhabitants of the windowsill. Otherwise, your entire "plantation" may die. A signal about the need to take urgent measures is the drying of the leaves against the background of yellowing.

the room roses have yellow leaves useful tips

Capricious beauties

A slightly different situation, if the room roseleaves turn yellow. Useful tips for the most part remain the same: check for watering, lighting, monitor the humidity of the air. However, you can maintain all the conditions in an ideal, and your beauty will still wither. Many growers believe that the matter is in the quarrelsome roses. Many other plants, she just "does not like". And if you are sure that everything is doing right, and the result does not suit you, try to remove all neighbors from the capriciousness. Oddly enough, often it solves all problems with roses.