In recent years, there is a growing number of disputes betweendesigners of interiors about what doors are more suitable for a toilet and a bathroom. Some believe that this can be ordinary, such as in the whole apartment. Others say that special water-resistant doors to the bathroom are required here, with increased resistance to temperature changes, that this element of a natural wood structure will very quickly fail under the action of moist air.

the door to the bathroom
How strong and destructive will the impact bewater and hot air for this closed reception, depends on the size of the bathroom, on its layout. Some rooms are equipped with stationary showers, not separated from the main room. In this case, water will always be on the door. If the bath is too close to the entrance, this constructive element will also be wet after the owner of the bath has received the bath. If wetting is inevitable, then it is necessary to select a moisture resistant door. If the bathroom is very small, moreover, combined with the toilet, if it is used by several people and besides it is not very well ventilated, then undoubtedly the door needs a moisture resistant one.

When the bathroom is spacious, equipped with good ventilation, and a bath or shower

doors to the bathroom
reliably closed by a partition, it does not make sense to select some special door. You can install one that fits well into the interior and, most importantly - like the owners.

Which door in the bathroom is considered moisture resistant? First of all, very popular now glass doors to the bathroom. Someone may object that for such an intimate space such a glass element is inappropriate. But do not forget that now it will not be difficult to pick up a toned glass door in the building stores or decorated with colored stained-glass windows. Through such a closed doorway, even with a strong desire, it is impossible to see anything. Also can be installed as usual swing doors, and sliding doors to the bathroom.

glass doors to the bathroom
In addition to glass, moisture resistant doorsin the bathroom of plastic. True, this option in residential premises is considered extremely rare. It is believed that they are associated with the doors to a bathroom in some institution. But it's not necessary to put standard white plastic ones. Now it is possible to pick up the door to the bathroom glazed and painted in a suitable color for the interior. Such a door will always look modern and stylish. But in this case it is necessary to focus on closely located closed apertures. If all of them are made of wood, then the plastic door to the bathroom next to them will look somewhat strange.

Pretty often install a laminated doorin the bathroom, which are also resistant to moisture, as they are covered with a laminate - an artificial material that mimics the color and texture of the tree. In addition, these doors can be very successfully combined with the rest in the apartment. For example, in rooms you can install veneered, and in the bathroom - laminated.