Screwdriver is an indispensable attribute of any repair. Few people today work with a conventional screwdriver, unless it is necessary to twist / unscrew one, at most two, a screw, and take the power tool longer than it works. The popularity of the screwdriver is due to its multifunctionality: it not only manages to twist and untwist self-tapping screws, screws and screws. With the help of this

electric screwdrivers
a tool of high power can be drilledholes in wood of any kind, in some types of metal. Electric screwdrivers are used and when tapping. For all these works there are special nozzles. Some of them come with the device, others can be purchased separately.

Like most tools, screwdriversElectric divides into household (amateur) and professional. They differ primarily in power. Which one to choose depends on the regularity of its application. If your main occupation is related, for example, with the repair or assembly of furniture, then purchase

electric screwdriver
better more powerful, and therefore professional andmore expensive tool. Usually, professionals choose models with a torque of about 130 Nm. If you use it you will be on the strength of a couple of times a month, then it will be enough and not very powerful (torque about 15 Nm) budget model.

Electric screwdrivers are divided according to the methodpower supply. They can be networked or rechargeable. A tool that requires an electrical connection is less popular: it has limited mobility and a lot of weight. It is hard to work with such a tool for a long time. Battery models are more convenient. Used batteries are of the following types:

  • Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) can withstand 500 recharges.
  • Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) live longer - are designed for 1000 charges-discharges.
  • Lithium-ion - environmentally safe, but can not work at low temperatures.

electric screwdriver Makita
In addition to the number of charges / discharges, batteriesdiffer also in the rate of accumulation of the potential. Professional models are charged for 1 hour, cheaper - for up to 7. If you are going to work with the tool for a long time, then to ensure trouble-free operation you will have two batteries: one is working, the other is charging.

When choosing a model, you need to focus not only onon technical characteristics. It is also important how comfortable the instrument lies in the hand, and what its weight is. It will be useful and the function of electronic speed control: it greatly extends the service life, preventing sudden changes in speed and premature wear of parts. It will not be superfluous to indicate the remaining charge: you will put the spare battery on time in charge.

When choosing electric screwdrivers,attention to the reputation of the manufacturer. This is one of the main criteria that must be taken into account. Electric screwdriver "Interskol" of Russian production makes a worthy competition to well-known western manufacturers. The model range presented by this company is quite wide. You can choose a professional model, and a tool for home use. The electric screwdriver "Makita" is popular among professionals. The products of this Japanese company are of high quality, ergonomic design and reasonable price.