Doing wet cleaning and maintaining a home inpurity, a person rarely thinks about the need for complex disinfection, until the circumstances prompt him: an allergy to dust or cat hair, a decrease in immunity or the presence of a bed-sick patient, a source of pathogenic microbes. How and when should it be conducted?

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When disinfection is necessary

Sanitation of the environment surrounding a person,provides for the destruction of dangerous microorganisms, as well as their carriers: insects (pest control) and rodents (deratization). Disinfection of an apartment is necessary in the following circumstances:

  • epidemic of a serious infectious disease (influenza, diphtheria) in the region in the presence of a weakened family member;
  • finding children or elderly in a contact group with patients with pediculosis, scabies or other infections;
  • the occurrence of allergic reactions of unknown etiology;
  • the presence of pets leaving the house;
  • the appearance of insects (flies, cockroaches, bugs, ants);
  • a serious illness of a relative who is on a bed rest;
  • detection of mold or fungus.
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In all cases except the last, disinfectionThe apartment is of a preventive nature. In the presence of the diseased - focal, in which both current activities and final (after recovery, hospitalization or death of a family member) are necessary.

Types of disinfection

Washing hands is already a fight against microbes, the simplest kind of disinfection. In total, four of them are distinguished (see the table).

Type of disinfectionContentDegree of difficulty
MechanicalAnti-dust processing, wet cleaning, personal hygiene, bedding out; painting of floors and walls, whitewashing ceilingsPossible self-use using household appliances
PhysicalExposure to steam or dry heat, ultraviolet rays; boiling, pasteurization, calcination and calcinationPerhaps self-administered for preventive purposes, with focal infection it is desirable to resort to the help of professionals
ChemicalTreatment with a special solution: immersion, spraying or rubbing
BiologicalThe introduction of microorganisms for the destruction of pathogenic bacteriaThe home is not used

In case of focal infection, disinfectionapartment requires a combination of all types of disinfection, the use of professional tools, protective suits and special equipment: pump sprayers, generators of hot fog.

Apartment after the deceased

If the sick person lived in the family, after hisdeath can be independently decontaminated: treatment of bed, walls, sex. It is desirable to burn up soft equipment and clothes in a dry-fire cabinet. But there are cases when the deceased lived separately and relatives learned about the sad event late. The apartment was saturated with a cadaveric odor due to the release of toxic poisons when the body decomposed at room temperature.

Independently to cope with a problem it is complex, because complex disinfection of an apartment after the deceased is necessary, including:

  • purification from pathogenic microbes;
  • elimination of cadaveric odor;
  • inactivation (neutralization).

For this purpose, deodorization is carried out, which is difficult to conduct independently.

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Disinfection of an apartment from bedbugs

The presence of bedbugs is a problem of removable housing andcheap hotels, but it can come to any family, so you need to know how to deal with it. At the initial stage of infection, high and low temperatures are effective, which bedbugs are afraid of. In winter, it is better to take out the bed to the frost, and in the summer, to burn with boiling water, treating and bedding. Bedbugs do not tolerate the smell of tansy and wormwood, for processing you can use vinegar, naphthalene or turpentine. With a strong infection, it is better to use professional means of Dutch production.

disinfection of apartments from bedbugs

Domestic preparations in the form of liquid or dusthave good consumer feedback and a lower cost. It is necessary to remember the protection of the respiratory tract during work, as well as the use of gloves and special clothing. Disinfection of the apartment should be carried out in the absence of animals and valuables that can soak up the smell. As preventive measures, it is necessary to wash the bed linens at the highest possible temperatures, using boiling.

Cockroaches in the house: what to do?

Among the common causes of the appearance of cockroaches should be feared:

  • unsanitary conditions in neighbors,
  • Packages and things delivered by mail,
  • clothes falling into the house from strangers;
  • the presence of uncapped cracks.
    disinfection from cockroaches in the apartment

Water, food residues and heat - factors,Promoting the spread of insects at an extremely rapid pace. Cockroaches are not only carriers of infection, but also a threat to household appliances, whose wires are capable of damaging. Of the folk remedies for controlling insects, boric acid is effective. It is harmless to humans, so it can be expanded in special places. It is better to use it with egg yolk or sugar and flour, making small balls. Floors should be washed with ammonia, which will help to cope with insects.

Disinfection from cockroaches in an apartment that is infectedthoroughly, requires the use of chemicals: gels, traps or aerosols. With a common problem in a multi-storey building, it is necessary to simultaneously decontaminate all tenants with the use of professionals.

Opinions of consumers of services

Most people who are faced with the needdisinfection, at the first stage they try to cope with the problem on their own. Using these or other means, they gladly share the experience of their application. If enough time has passed since the time when the apartment was disinfected, the reviews cause trust. Often, positive changes do not pass the test of time, this is reported by those who turned to professional firms. Among the reasons for their treatment can be identified the most common:

  • consequences of non-compliance with safety regulations when using chemicals: allergies, indigestion, burns of the respiratory tract;
  • return of the problem after two to three months (new appearance of bedbugs, cockroaches);
  • a high degree of contamination of the home.

If people have decided to trust professionals, the disinfection of the apartment is more effective when observing a number of rules that consumers are talking about:

  • it is necessary to choose a company with experience and positive feedback;
  • it is important to find out the composition of the chemical products with which the company operates, certificates for them and the degree of safety;
  • read the instructions for decontamination and safety procedures.
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