There are more than 150 kinds of dracaena. Ten of them are houseplants. Dracaena is unpretentious in the care. Its species differ in width and color of the leaves, as well as in the growth of the stem.

how to propagate dracaena

Methods of reproduction

There are several ways how to multiply the dracenus. These are seeds, cuttings and shoots from the tops of the plant.

Seed method

It is used rarely, more often use cuttings andbends. The seed method is suitable only for plants with green leaves. The best time to plant seeds is early spring. Before you multiply the dracaena with seeds, you need to work on them, that is, to hold in the solution of epine, completely remove the remaining pulp from the grain. For the seed, a landing mixture is prepared from light turf and sand in equal proportions. If there is no way to prepare the sod land, it is replaced by peat. The planting mixture should be constantly slightly moistened, it is not recommended to allow overabundance or lack of moisture. The minimum room temperature is + 23 ° C. Sprouts will appear in a month. As they grow, they transplant into separate containers, monitoring the temperature of the air and the illumination of the room.

house plants of Drazen


Existing other ways how to multiplydracaena, imply pruning of the main or lateral trunks. Therefore, you should inspect the tree and make sure that it is not sick. If the tip is dried, the apical cuttings will not work, and only the stem will have to be used. If the tree is in good condition, and has high shoots, then it is possible to combine propagation of dracaena by cuttings. For cuttings, select the upper part of the tree or directly the stem itself.

Upper cuttings propagation. To do this, you need a stem length of 15 cm. After trimming, we dry it a bit and place it in water or moist soil mixture. The minimum air temperature should be + 25 ° C. Efficiency of growth will increase the humidity of the air. To do this, apply the method of greenhouse effect - should cover the container with germs glass or a packet. Care consists of regular watering and ventilating the tank. In a month, the roots should appear, and you can put the sprouts in pots. The cut off places near the donor tree are treated with wax or paraffin.

Reproduction by shoots

If the length of the stem is large, you can useRooting not only the upper part of the tree, but also the escape. Cut the stem into a long length and cut into blocks - 10 cm. We process them with a growth stimulator and carefully place them in a prepared mixture for seedlings. The main thing - the presence of eyes on the brusochkah. Care and further actions, as well as how to root the apex, are described above.

Method - airlift

This method allows you to get a new tree on theold. We outline the length of the future plant and we cut the trunk of the old one to half on this place. In the resulting cut, you need to insert something small and solid, sometimes enough matches. Under the slice, we slip a bag with moistened sphagnum or peat. Watering in this case is carried out by a syringe. As the roots grow, we make the final trimming of the trunk and plant a new tree in the pot.

duplication of dracaena by cuttings
All the above methods, how to multiply the dracenus, are simple enough and do not require special preparation or the creation of any special conditions.