Foam generator for washing is an integral partany non-contact high pressure washer. It has the form of a reservoir in which a detergent foaming agent is dissolved under high pressure. As a result of the pressure on the foam gun, the pressure decreases and an excessive release of the cleaning foam occurs. For the effective operation of the foam, specially developed reagents are needed. Active foam is very important for washing. Only with its help even stubborn stains of dirt disappear and get a 100% quality result. Foam generator for washing ensures no touch and protects the machine from unwanted scratches during washing.

foam generator for washing

The most famous producers of foam generators for washing

Foam generator for washing is available in severalwidely known manufacturers of non-contact sinks. One of the most common and best-selling are Karcher washing machines. This is the first manufacturer to introduce foam generators for non-contact sinks to a wide range of consumers. Service centers of this company are located all over the world. The assortment of offered non-contact car washes, as well as equipment for various washers from Karcher is very wide.

Portotecnica is also a well-known anda large manufacturer of quality non-contact car washes and equipment for car washes. The range includes a variety of attachments for professional and household car wash, which significantly improves the result.

mini high pressure washer
Mini-washers of high pressure

A mini high pressure washer is the choice of manymotorists who do not trust their car washers, who accidentally can scratch it. The choice of it should be a very deliberate process, so as not to throw money away. After all, the cost of such a device is by no means small. If you wash the car only in the warm season, then the unit without the function of heating water, which will cost less. In the case of operation of a mini-wash in winter, it should be with the above-mentioned function. Otherwise, constant contact with cold water and its freezing in microcracks will inevitably lead to the destruction of the car's coating. Also much attention should be paid to the water pump. They come with a metal and plastic impeller. With metal - more wear-resistant. It is better to buy a sink with a disassembling pump, since the cost of a single pump in case of breakage costs almost half of the entire unit. The washing set usually includes a few more nozzles, which greatly facilitates the work.

foam generator for car wash
Foam generator for car wash. Its advantages over a low-pressure sprayer

The service life of the foam generator with careful care,even with frequent operation - more than a year. The foam generator for washing is less harmful to human health than the low-pressure sprayer. The foam obtained with its help is able to reach the hard-to-reach places of the car.

In the modern world, foam generators are used by allgreat demand. This is due to their high productivity and high quality. Having bought yourself a mini-sink with a high-pressure foam generator, you will always enjoy the convenience of its use and the look of a clean and well-groomed car.