With regular use of a highpressure requires a high-quality service apparatus in the service center. In order to save money, many users repair Kürcher with their own hands. It is not recommended to perform an independent cleaning and replacement of parts before the end of the warranty period, which will affect the refusal of further maintenance.


For trouble-free operation of the device,Regular oil, seal and cuff replacement on the pump (high pressure pump). In the event of interruptions with water pressure or if the instrument is not correctly stored / used, it may be necessary to repair the "Kercher" with your own hands. What details fail?

  • Pump, engine and pressure sensor.
  • Electrical part.
  • Nozzle, hose and gun.

The choice of household mini-wash eliminates the occurrence ofdifficulties in care, but different models have their own characteristics that you need to check with the seller in advance. For example, a nozzle car wash with a plate structure will ensure high-quality operation with regular cleaning with a toothpick. Otherwise, the ingress of small particles will cause the unit to stop operating.

When purchasing a product, you should check the availabilitythe nearest service centers and the warranty period. With the omission of such questions, the breakdown of the apparatus will lead to unnecessary problems. If it is decided to repair the "Kercher" with their own hands, the correct step is to study the instructions in detail.

Kürcher's own repair

Causes of breakage and recommendations for removal

According to the manufacturer and car wash workers,The main reasons for the failure of the device are low water quality and lack of maintenance. To increase the service life of the unit, it is necessary to comply with the basic requirements:

  • Install a filter device for rough and thin water cleaning at the entrance to the AED.
  • Check the receipt of the required volumeliquid according to the technical parameters of the device. For example, if the flow rate is 15 liters / min., And the water pipe allows you to get 13 liters, after 2 months, you may need to immediately repair the "Kercher" yourself (or in the service center).
  • The diameter of the water pipe should be 3/4 inches per unit.
  • Factory replacements and accessories are subject to replacement.

With regular preventive maintenance it is possible to exclude occurrence of unforeseen circumstances which will entail replacement of expensive details.

Repair of car wash Kercher own hands

Service ATS

Recommendations of specialists:

  1. Checking the condition and regular oil changethe pump plunger drive device. According to the manufacturer, the first oil change should be made after 50 hours of using the machine, the subsequent service - after 350-550 hours. At average throughputs of the washing section, it is sufficient to conduct the treatment once every 3 months.
  2. Monitoring the pump condition on a good ductliquid, external application of oil, as well as minor repair of car wash "Kercher" with their own hands (change of filters, tightening of bolts) will allow to extend the life of the device.
  3. For AED with heating, the boiler must be prevented - cleaning of the fuel filter (removal of scale on the internal walls of the heat exchanger and external plaque).

Repair of high-pressure washing machine Kercher

In what cases is ATS repair required?

Repair is required if there is a decreasepump performance and a decrease in working pressure. This is caused by leakage of liquid through the seal of the plungers. Worn gland wear is produced naturally or when exposed to abrasive elements. At high pressure, small scratches will affect the leakage of the liquid.

The first signal about the occurrence of malfunctionsthere is a small puddle formed at the site of the hose. To solve the problem, you can easily, but painstakingly repair the car wash "Kercher" with your own hands. It is enough to change the seals (gaskets). More difficulties will be caused by the installation of a new drive, housing components, sealing, etc.

The suction channel is formed by housingelements that arrange a flat filter. The efficiency of the device depends on its condition. The formation of defects in the contact of the surfaces of body parts leads to a reduction in the basic characteristics of the device. With a low suction power while working with a hose and nozzles, the repair of the Kerher high-pressure washer requires the preparation of a soft material for cleaning all surfaces and edges of the body parts. Damaged items must be replaced.

Repair of car wash by Kerch

Additional aspects

If the device is equipped with Total Stop(disconnection of the pumping system in the absence of pressure on the trigger of the gun), the leakage will lead to involuntary activation - the automatic device perceives a pressure decrease as a "start" command, the device rattles.

To reduce the performance or turn off the AEDthe bypass or bypass valve wear, the rubber seal (ring) of the pressure sensor, and the hose failure are affected. This is accompanied by a low level of the head of the gun, a decrease in the density and detergent characteristics of the jet.


If the device does not support the specified levelpressure, the pump runs intermittently and water is delivered in fragments, and the repair of the Kerher high-pressure washer will not be particularly difficult. It is enough to unscrew the bolts with a screwdriver and remove the body, get the motor with the pump and separate the engine from it. The pump must be directed upwards, otherwise oil will leak from the piston drive.

The valves from the piston are removed (use of sharp objects is excluded, which can damage the surface), the pump is dismantled into 2 parts. Valves are removed again.

Kürcher pump repair by own hands

This is the reason for the failure of the device. This can be the formation of scale or clogging. All parts inside the pump are cleaned and wiped with felt. Then the structure is assembled in the reverse order.

Repair of the hose

Repair of high-pressure hose "Kercher"hands consists in crimping the damaged element at the ends or along the entire length. If the hose is torn off the flange, it is necessary to smoothly cut off the unsuitable part to the zone where there are no deformations. The necessary flange is selected and placed on the hose. The first is to be inserted into the second one and pressed in a vice. Above are struck with a hammer.

If a cut along the length of the sleeve is formed,similar work is done. The hose is cut and removed to the undamaged area. Insert a connector of the specified diameter and two clamps. They put on the hose, insert the connector, tightly clamped with clamps. With the formation of cracks along the entire length of the sleeves, the repair of the high-pressure hose "Kercher" by its own hands is impossible. It requires a complete replacement of the product - it is better to instruct the masters of the service center.

Cleaning the foam nozzle tablet

If the foam nozzle stops giving out a thick foam, is used for a long time or is not washed with clean water after use, the grid in the form of a shaft is clogged by the dried "chemistry".

To clean the foam tablets, you need to perform a number of operations:

  • Disconnect the tank from the main unit of the foam nozzle.
  • The arrow indicates the location of the pin,holding a plastic tablet tip on a brass element. The pin should be knocked out. If you decide to repair the foam nozzle "Kercher" with your own hands, you can use an awl or a thin screwdriver.
  • After removing the plastic tip, you will see two petals forming the spray angle of the foam. The tip with them must be unscrewed.
  • In the inner part of the withdrawn nozzle will be visibleSteel filaments that take a round shape (in the form of a tablet). They should be removed by means of an awl. Cleaning the hardened "chemistry" in the nozzle is done with a needle.
  • Assemble the product in the reverse order.

Correctly made repair of the nozzle "Kercher" with their own hands allows to extend the life of the device and reduce the cost of its maintenance.

repair kercher hose own hands

Motor failure

Repair work
BreakingPossible reasonWays to solve the problem
The motor does not workLow voltage in the networkThe voltage in the network is checked and the plug is correctly connected
Damage to the extension cordConnecting the machine without an extension cord
Motor protection relay activatedThe drug is turned off for 15 minutes
Motor noise, but no recoilReducing the voltage when using an extension cordThe extension cord is disconnected
Low mains voltageDo not rush to repair the mini-wash "Kercher" with your own hands. Initially, it is required to check the power supply compliance with the recommended indicator
Motor stopsWrong voltage in the networkThe power in the network is determined and compared with the data on the tag
Motor protection relay activatedThe device needs to cool down for 15 minutes

What else affects the operation of the engine?

The lack of preventive inspection of the main elements of the device can cause a number of additional problems associated with engine failure.

Engine Repair
BreakingPossible reasonWays to solve the problem
Absence of pressureThe pistol nozzle is hammeredNeed cleaning nozzle
The water supply valve is closedCheck the fluid supply, if necessary, carry out a qualitative repair of the kerkher hose with your own hands.
Filter cloggedThe filter is cleared and replaced
Arbitrary start of the motorAbsence of tightness of the pump, gunThe parts are replaced (see example above).

If there are difficulties in detecting a breakdown,it will be right to turn to professionals. Many users mistakenly establish the cause of the breakdown and repair the "Kercher" pump with their own hands while gusting work. The same reason can be covered in a weak water pressure or low voltage.

Bearing Replacement

The need to replace the bearing can becaused by intermittent operation, the formation of noise from the inside and overheating of the motor. The reason sometimes lies in the interturn faults or the failed bearing. In the first case, it is required to start the engine separately and check its operation. If no violations are found, further repair of the "Kerher" sink by its own hands is easy to make in several steps:

  • Unscrew the hose with a gun, disassemble the body and get the engine with the cylinder head.
  • 6 screws are unscrewed and the unit with the switch is opened, the condenser and 2 power terminals connected to the switch are disconnected.
  • The unit is placed on a stand in a perpendicular position (the motor is located below), 4 bolts are loosened by 13.
  • After draining the oil, you can carefully review the clip with the balls.
  • Unscrew the middle bolt with a screwdriver under the sprocket. To do this, the shaft is clamped from the reverse side with a gas wrench.
  • The inner bearing, which protrudes in the form of a support for the inclined washer, is pressed on the valves.

Repair of high-pressure washing machine "Kercher" with your own hands

Change of oil

The entire process of oil change is carried out in several stages:

  1. A container is prepared for placing 1 liter of oil.
  2. The receiving tray is being prepared.
  3. The screw plug of the drain hole is twisted.
  4. The oil can be drained into the collecting tank by the outlet tray.
  5. The threaded plug of the drain hole is tightened.
  6. Oil is slowly poured into the MAX mark. Air bubbles will evaporate on their own.

The grade of oil and the volume of filling can be learned from the technical characteristics of the device. The spent liquid is disposed of by an ecological method or is handed over to the collection point.

When determining the causes of malfunctions affecting the performance of the unit, special attention is paid to the acquisition of spare parts, because some of them cost at the price of the device itself.