Your house is your own fortress. In any case, the place for rest and relaxation is exactly. In many ways, this affects the interior of the room. So, if the house is dirty and there is no decent repair, coziness in it you can hardly achieve.

how to insert a lock into the interior door
A significant element of any modern apartmentare interior doors that allow you to zoning the premises, closing the most private rooms from prying eyes. Naturally, in this case, it is important to have some reliable locking device. And so today we will talk about how to cut the lock into the interior door.

We take into account the type of doors

On this circumstance, beginners are often notpay no attention, but in vain. So, if the door leaf is made of a solid wood massif, then the lock of suitable dimensions can be cut anywhere, placing it at least five centimeters from the floor.

If you (like many of our fellow citizens) chose"Budget option" from MDF or "cardboard", then one important fact should be taken into account. The fact is that the beam of wood there is only on the end part, often passing only along its middle.

 insert the lock in the interior door
And further. Before you cut the lock into the interior door, get quality drill bits. We advise you, guided by your sad experience: when producing a door leaf, it may happen that some unknown "craftsman" will drive several large building clips just to the place where you make a hole for the lock. If the drill is made of poor-quality material, you will say goodbye to it immediately.

We take measurements

Before you hit the lock in the interior door,it is necessary to measure the thickness thereof. So, if it is less than 40 millimeters, then there is no sense in the lock. It is better to put the latch, as attempting a tie will result in damage to the fabric.

Go ahead. As a rule, any normal manufacturer of locks inserts into the box with products a special piece of paper with markings. You will use it, marking on the door a pattern of cuts. As a rule, it is applied to the butt-end, bent, and then in two places makes the nadkola a nail or something similar.

If you bought a simple mortise lock (especially from domestic manufacturers), you will have to apply it to the canvas and traverse with a pencil.

We work

lock the lock into the wooden door

Since the lock in the interior door withouta normal set of tools you will not get, we will not talk for a long time about the importance of its acquisition. So, you marked the places in which you need to drill holes. Using a fountain drill of the appropriate diameter, first drill the front of the doors. Exactly! If you first make a hole in the end, then you can completely say goodbye not only to the drill, but also to the drill chuck, which simply can not stand sharp jerks, inevitable with a sharp violation of the homogeneity of the material.


We begin to cut the lock into the wooden door. First, a "dog" is inserted into the end hole. Immediately need to cut a groove under it to "drown" the device in the tree: so it will not scratch the doorposts. After that, the main part of the lock is inserted into the front openings, fixed and checked in operation.

As you can see, it is not so difficult to cut a lock into the interior door.