Pruning in the fall
Plum pruning in autumn is mandatory afterharvesting, from the middle of September. In the first two or three years, the skeletal branching of the crown is formed, the extra branches that can thicken it or are weakened or removed. At the same time, one-year increments are shortened and the tops of the strongest shoots cut off, on which there are spurs with underdeveloped buds and necessarily with frozen wood, in order to strengthen branching.

Plum, planting and care, pruning is veryare similar to similar procedures for treelike cherry, is a deciduous stone culture. Its height in some regions reaches up to seven meters. When the tree enters the normal period of fruiting, the pruning of the plum in autumn is carried out to maintain the strength of its growth. In addition, for normal development, the crown is greatly thinned, thickening, as well as intertwining or shaded branches are removed, are sent to free places.

prune old plum

Pruning an old plum is also necessary,to prepare the tree for wintering, so it is also of a sanitary nature. Remove dry and broken branches infected with disease or insects. In general, some gardeners, when identifying a dangerous pest, pruning an old tree is carried out regardless of the season of the year. This is done in order to avoid the defeat of neighboring cultures.

Some plum varieties that bear fruit onshportsah - short branches, for example Zyuzinsky variety, very quickly develop into large trees with powerful branches. It is more correct to cut them in a discharged-tiered system with impressive distances between the processes, avoiding sharp angles from their main trunk.

Already in the fourth year of the initialfruiting and strong growth, reaching up to seventy centimeters, pruning the plum in the autumn is to shorten the annual growths to a quarter of their length in order to strengthen the development of the Shpor and ramification. Otherwise, the lower part of the crown will be underdeveloped. In this case, and the Shpors, remaining weak, quickly die out, and this affects the yield.

Plum planting and care pruning

Pruning the plum in the fall is done on the basis,what form of crown should be obtained: bushy, pyramidal for dwarf or palmetto varieties, and also for tall trees. Much attention during this process should be given to reducing the risk of exposure to white rot and gumming. Therefore, the sections on the sink must be done very carefully, so as not to damage the wood by accident, using a sharp knife, saw or secateurs. After that, the "wound" is covered with a garden fume. In this case, sick, withered and broken branches need to be burned.

Those varieties of this culture that bear fruit ontheir elongated growths from lateral buds, such as Iskra, Skorospelka, Timiryazev's memory, etc., need to be molded both in bushy and in tier systems with mandatory thinning. In this case, the pruning of the plum in the autumn is carried out depending on the age of the branches, therefore, the pruning must be done in different ways. Shoots-one-year-olds are shortened by a single principle.

Correct and competent pruning of plum in the autumn promotes a good crop, especially since from all representatives of stone fruit this fruit tree is the easiest to carry this process.