Juicy and healthy fruits of apricot tree are fewwho can remain indifferent. And although the apricot is considered a southern fruit, the miracle-breeders have long ago brought out varieties that allow gardening to enjoy delicious fruits in any climatic conditions. Apricot is a truly wonderful fruit.

planting apricot in spring
All the components of the fruit find theirapplication, even bones are used in cosmetology (from them do aromamasla). Planting this tree in your garden, you will provide yourself with not only a summer harvest, but also delicious supplies for the winter in the form of compotes, jams and jam.

Soil: preparation for planting, requirements for planting

Planting apricots in the spring naturally begins withsoil preparation. Despite the fact that the plant is unpretentious to the soil and takes root in almost any, still some nuances should be taken into account. The level of groundwater should not be high, which means that the location in the lowland will be undesirable. Otherwise, decay of the rhizome can not be avoided. A sufficiently illuminated elevation, sheltered from cold winds, will be optimal for the seedling. A high hedge can serve as a shelter from wind gusts.

Planting of apricots in spring should be done insufficiently light, well-ventilated soil. Advantage should be given to loamy soil. Clayey and heavy loamy soil is not suitable. Choose and prepare a place for planting it is necessary in the autumn. The pit is excavated in depth and a width of half a meter or more. The correct size of the pit will allow the seedling to develop its root system and become a good foundation for the future tree.

Seedling: choice, preparation for planting

Correct planting of apricot in spring only onhalf depends on a well chosen location. An important role is played by the seedling himself, which must also be carefully and carefully chosen. Initially, it should be examined, it must be strong and healthy. The root system should not be damaged or withered.

planting apricots in spring
If after all the purchases were foundsurface cracks or diseased roots, they should be cut to live tissue before planting. Suitable for planting will be two-year and three-year seedlings. The roots in the period of saving and transportation should not dry up, if it does happen, they must be lowered for several days into the water, so that they can restore their strength for further rooting and growth. Immediately before planting, the roots of the seedlings must be dipped into a chatterbox, which includes fresh mullein, clay and water.

Planting of the apricot seedling: the optimal period, the process

The timing of planting affects how the tree will survive. Planting of the apricot seedling in spring should be carried out before sap flow and awakening of the kidneys. It is necessary to take into account both the features of the climatic zone, and the period of the beginning of vegetation of seedlings of each apricot variety. The optimal period for planting is the end of April.

At the bottom of the pit, a drainage layer should be poured in the formcrushed stone, gravel or expanded clay. From above it is desirable to pour any mineral fertilizer: wood ash or coal, ammonium nitrate. This is covered by a layer of earth, so that the roots of the seedling do not come into contact with the feeding. In the center of the pit, you can place a peg as a support. Falling asleep with the earth, closer to the roots, the soil of the upper layers should be used, since it is more nutritious. The apricot planting is finished in spring with watering. The volume is 15-20 liters.

planting apricot seedlings in spring

Planting apricot in the spring in the suburbs isTest not only for the tree itself, but also for the gardener, since the plant needs constant attention. Patience and work will certainly bring worthy results. A pleasant honey aroma of apricot in the suburbs can be caught already in late April or early May. For effective pollination on the site it is desirable to have at least three seedlings. If the care is correct and the sapling is not transplanted, then it can bloom already on the 3-4th year after planting.

Fertilizer planted tree

Planting a seedling of apricot in spring can not do withoutfertilizer and fertilizing. The fact that the pit itself needs to be filled with mineral fertilizers is already mentioned. And in this case, the most important thing is not to overdo it. To improve flowering and ovaries next spring will help spraying the tree with 3% nitrogen solution before the beginning of the leaf fall. Fertilizers in concentrated form should never fall on the crown of a tree or the roots of a tree. This can lead to burns and damage to any plant, not only apricot.

Watering the seedlings

And the already formed tree, and the seedling of apricotare able to withstand high temperatures, but only on condition that the near-well zone is provided with sufficient moisture. The rules for planting apricots in the spring mean the presence of water in the prepared pit (up to half). After the seedling was in the hole and completely covered with soil, around it a rim is formed around the perimeter, which later will hold water at the pole during irrigation. Planting apricots in the spring involves at least three-time watering. It is mandatory at the end of May, during the period of active growth, and two weeks before the fruit ripening period. Whenever a drought occurs, sprinkle as much of the trees as possible. The last time watered the seedling at the end of summer, preparing the tree for the cold and winter.

planting apricots in the spring in the suburbs

In the middle latitudes intensively watering should be done after transplant and during the period of growth. In the second half of the summer, zeal with watering in the suburbs is not worth it, since droughts are rare there.

Additional fertilizing

As a top dressing for apricot seedlingssuitable mineral and peat mixtures, which are introduced in the spring. Organic fertilizers are best used after reaching the tree of five years of age.

The first wintering of the seedling

The apricot root system is well adapted towinter cold, but a young seedling should still be protected from excessive temperature changes. The first step in protecting it will be to choose the right place, which will protect the seedling from the cold north wind. For the first winter, a kind of hut should be built for him. For this, you will need wooden stakes and polyethylene film. Three pegs are inserted into the ground, the top is fixed and covered with a film, the end of which is covered with earth. The construction can be disassembled at the end of March.

correct planting of apricot in spring
The tree, which is several years old, can be wrapped around the trunk with burlap, and during the winter the near-trunk zone requires the snow to be covered with snow.

How to protect against diseases and pests

A good quality crop can not be obtained, notprotecting apricot tree from pests and various diseases. Planting apricot in the spring involves a number of preventive measures, consisting in the timely detection and removal of diseased shoots and branches. If the disease is provoked by wintering varieties of pests, then all removed leaves, branches and shoots must be burned. Periodically, complete disinfection of the tree with chemical preparations and a solution of hydrated lime is also necessary.

Apricot planting in spring: pruning

To form the crown, create a goodlighting, ensuring normal growth and removing unnecessary shoots to any fruit tree, apricot, including, pruning is required. A garter of the seedling to a solid foundation will ensure harmony and a smooth trunk. Spring pruning should be given before the plant wakes up and the juices start to move. Cuts spoiled or diseased branches and those that grow vertically. Young seedlings after planting are cut at a height of 70 centimeters from the soil. After the process of formation of the apricot seedling, its skeletal branches are shortened by one-third, the length of the central conductor should be 30 centimeters above the nearby branches. There should be no branches from a single point.

rules of planting apricots in spring

Already in the fruit tree, branches are shortened in half. This provokes the appearance of flowers on the remaining parts of the plant.

Five days after planting and shrinkageThe sapling can be tied up to a wooden peg that was inserted into the pit at the time of planting. The peg will support the seedling in strong winds, prevent the bending and fracture of the trunk.

planting apricots in spring pruning

Planting apricot in spring is the best solution,Since spring is the most favorable period for obtaining a beautiful fragrant apricot garden. Not particularly fancy breeding species can please their fruitful fruit growers not only in the southern, but also in the middle latitudes.