One of the issues that does not existthe universal answer is "which windows are better: plastic or wooden." And it's not just the technical characteristics of a solution. More important are the preferences of the person himself.

cheap wooden windows
For example, advertising for many years imposesa stereotype that attractive people must necessarily be high and not complete. Nevertheless, life shows that it is the person who makes his conscious choice based on some of his internal attitudes, and advertising ... well, that's her function. The question "which windows are better: plastic or wooden" belongs to the same group. In this article, we will try to compare these two solutions from the point of view of an ordinary buyer who does not understand design and production in particular.

Cheap wooden windows

Carrying out repairs at home, each landlord early orthinks about the need to replace old wooden windows that for many years served as faith and truth. With sufficient financial resources, there are no special difficulties with the choice: you only need to buy high-quality wooden windows from glued eurobrus with multi-functional multi-functional double-glazed windows or to choose the metal-plastic solutions from renowned manufacturers. However, it is unlikely that such a person will read articles on the topic "which windows are better: plastic or wooden."

choice of plastic windows
Most, however, most often have a situation,when you have to choose which is better: install several quality windows or all at once, but the class is lower. It is at this stage that the idea arises of inexpensive wooden modifications offered by carpentry workshops. Here, as lucky - they can stand for decades, and may require attention to themselves in just a year. Therefore, if the old ones are not yet rotten, they can be restored: burn the paint and varnish. This is the least expensive option.

If, however, you have to decide which windows are better: plastic or wooden, you need to take into account a number of features.

Features of wooden windows:

- Such solutions create a home cosiness, fitting in any interior;

- The cost of a high-quality window from the Euro-bar exceeds the price of the "heaped" plastic;

- after a time it will be necessary to restore the protective coating;

- wooden windows naturally pass air, creating a favorable microclimate;

- the material in principle can not freeze, so with a good insulating glass, you will not have to worry about the colors on the windowsill.

The choice of plastic windows has its own characteristics:

which windows are better plastic or wooden
- there is no need for maintenance, unless you have to periodically wipe them from dust;

- The average lifetime is about 50 years (although many think that such windows are eternal);

- they can be given almost any form.

One of the questions that concerns potentialbuyers - it's insulating properties. Surprisingly, a good wooden window is more preferable for cold winters than a quality plastic window. Of course, subject to compliance with manufacturing technology and the use of identical insulating glass (the old way of fixing glasses with beads or sealant, for obvious reasons, is no longer relevant).