On the plot of land one of the wayswater supply is the installation of a large capacity - barrels for water. It can be filled with imported water, from a well or from a nearby pond by using convenient pumps.

There is an opinion that if you use a pump forwatering from the barrel, this will lead to large costs. However, a comparison can be made. If you do not use the pump, the barrel must be at a high altitude, for which a cumbersome metal structure is manufactured, which is not so cheap. It is also not easy to fill the tank with water, it is necessary to raise canisters or buckets at a high altitude.

Pump for irrigation from a barrel.
In this case, it is much easier to use drum pumps that create the necessary pressure.

You can buy a pump for watering from a barrel for other reasons:

  1. You can place it in any capacity.
  2. It is not required to install a barrel on a hill and drilling holes in it to mount the branch pipe.

The pump is lowered into the tank from above, convenientthe retainer is attached to the wall. The device is connected to the mains and is controlled by a switch installed on the handle. There is no need to monitor the amount of liquid in the tank. The remote machine itself will shut off the engine when the water runs out. Thus, the pump for irrigation from the barrel is protected from failure in the absence of water or its weak pressure in the system.

Using the device is very simple and convenient. It can be freely transferred from one container to another, lowered into any pond. Modern companies produce devices that can be programmed. You do not have to go outside to turn off the device. The pump for irrigation from the barrel itself will turn on at the set time and turn off. This is especially convenient for watering at night or when the owner leaves the site.

To program the instrument, theA special removable remote that is easy to use. Several watering plants can be connected to it. A filter is mounted in the pump device, protecting even from fine grains of sand.

Pump for water from a barrel.

A convenient and simple water pump from a barrelis a portable lightweight unit weighing up to 4 kilograms. Equipped with a power cord approximately 10 meters, which allows you to carry it across a 100 square meter. meters. It is simple to operate, operates from the mains.

Recently, industry produces allmore perfect devices with the help of which watering from a barrel turns into a pleasant occupation. Using hydraulics allows you to achieve energy savings of up to 30%. At the same time, the volume of water coming from it increases to 40%. Especially typical for such pumps is noise reduction, which is not created by injectors, because they simply do not.

High-quality steel is used in the manufacture of devices. Details on which there is a carving are made of brass. The motor is protected by a filter, the thermal protection is installed from overheating.

Watering from the barrel.

All the devices take up a little storage space, since they can be placed in an upright position. Some units are equipped with wheels for easy transportation.