Insects are long-time companions of man. And do not need to frown, remembering lice, fleas and cockroaches. The same bees provided and still provide humanity with many kinds of extremely valuable biological raw materials.

how to get rid of domestic red ants
Unfortunately, in our relations with them, everything is not so smooth. The question of how to get rid of domestic red ants, for sure, at least once asked himself every citizen of middle age.

Where did they come from, where do they live?

Strangely enough, this "evil spirits" are not native. These little red "beasts" came to us from far and hot Ethiopia.

They have an extremely hot temperament,not forgetting about the continuing reproduction throughout the year. Especially they like secluded places with high humidity, often arranging huge colonies behind baths and pipes of water supply. They also live in the cracks of the walls, under the plinths and parquet.

So, before you get rid of domestic red ants, it would be nice to arrange a small repair, during which they can be better localized and destroyed.

What they eat and what are particularly indifferent

Especially often ants can be found in foodproducts. However, they say little about their taste preferences: there are cases when the colonies of these kids, who settled in the old household appliances, completely gnawed the isolation from the wires.

how to get home red ants
Particularly unpleasant is that they are very fond of the smell of human sweat, often crawling directly into the wounds on the skin of sleeping people.

Hit the chemical attack!

Since getting rid of domestic red antsgrandmother methods are almost unrealistic, it will be necessary to introduce chemical products into use. So if there are small children and animals in an apartment or a house, they will have to be evacuated for the duration of the "fighting".

Start the fight against parasites can be with the treatment of wallsand the found ways of migration by substances "Angara" or "Taiga". They are known since Soviet times. These agents include diethyltoluamide (DETA), as well as dimethyl phthalate (DMF).

The first option - the most killer. Every four days, treat all the travel routes of the redheads with drugs based on it. Soon you will surely forget about them.

If you do not have the opportunity to use the housedangerous chemistry, you can try an ordinary drill. The simplest method is that it is pounded along with the sugar in a mortar (in equal proportions) to the formation of powder, to which the places where the red house ants appear most often appear. How to get rid of an unpleasant neighborhood, without using dust and clogging in all corners of powder?

red homemade ants how to get rid
The liquid bait will come to the rescue. Take five grams of borax, 50 grams of sugar and 50 milliliters of water. All carefully mixed, and the resulting syrup is additionally put a spoonful of jam or honey. The mixture is poured over small saucers, which are carefully placed around the house.


Before you bring home red ants, you need at least a bit to remember the school lessons of biology. "Red monsters" are social insects: all the food found, the working individuals are carried into the nest.

It follows from this that it is by no means possible to exceed the content of borax in the mixture! Doomed workers must be able to carry the poison to their relatives.

So you learned how to get rid of domestic red ants.