Geranium is a beautifully flowering plant that wasundeservedly forgotten and here again comes into fashion. This was largely due to the fact that a variety of its varieties and colors appeared, as well as the ability to grow hybrid varieties from seeds. But, despite all this diversity and splendor, the most useful properties are geraniums of scarlet color.

Useful properties of geranium room
Flower of geranium

So, the useful properties of geranium are room. There are a lot of them. A flower of geranium must be in every house! It creates an excellent atmosphere and cleans the air in a direct and figurative sense. Geranium, or pelargonium, can scare off pests, because it has a very specific smell (because of which it is now mostly grown on balconies and flower beds). This plant is widely used in folk medicine as a remedy for intestinal disorders, colds, runny nose, kidney diseases, salt deposition, nerve tics, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, skin diseases, female ailments. But the useful properties of geranium room does not end there. Her inflorescence is successfully used in cosmetology for ice making. The oil of geranium lifts the mood and helps to get rid of depression! Useful properties of geranium room are hidden not only in the leaves of the plant, but in the roots and in the inflorescences. From it prepare infusions and decoctions, make poultices with calluses and natoptysha and lotion with skin rashes, and add to the baths.

Flower of geranium

Useful properties of geranium room - far from beingthe only reason why the flower growers of the whole world grow this flower. It's just a chic plant, especially with proper care. It looks royal everywhere: on a window sill or fireplace, on a balcony or in the garden, these bright and tender or bright and juicy inflorescences cause a storm of emotions. Just a flower vendor's dream is geranium! Growing a flower is also not a problem. Geranium is unpretentious. Preferably the sunny place and soil composition: sod, leafy soil, humus and sand (2,2,2,1), watering should be moderate, in summer more. The plant is rarely affected by diseases and pests. When a black leg is injured, the plant is destroyed, but this happens very rarely, sometimes a gray mold appears on the sheets because of overmoistening. Such a flower is treated with antifungal agents, leaves are removed and watering is reduced. All other "troubles", such as falling leaves, their redness and dryness or lethargy, lack of flowering, are treated by simple regulation of watering, air temperature and access to sunlight.

Geranium. Cultivation

The easiest way to reproduce geraniums -cuttings. At the same time, the properties of the mother plant remain, which is doubtful when growing hybrid varieties from seeds (if the seeds are harvested from a hybrid). If, however, the decision is made to grow seeds, then the sowing time is not later than the end of February, seeding is superficial (the seeds are lightly sprinkled with earth). The pot is covered with glass or film and air daily, until the emergence of sprouts, maintain soil moisture. Seedlings dive after the appearance of the fourth leaf in separate pots and grow in a bright place. Cuttings can be produced at any time, the best option is early spring (March) or end of summer (August). Cut off the shoot should have 4-5 leaves, the extreme is better to remove. The stalk is better to germinate in water with the addition of activated charcoal (1 tablet), and can be planted directly into the ground, having processed the cut.

With a lack of time to care for indoor plants, but a great desire to decorate your house, geranium is the best choice. This is a very correct combination of a beautiful appearance with useful properties!