Each owner of a frequent home or apartment onThe lower floor wants to protect their home from uninvited guests. Someone uses alarm, someone has video surveillance. However, in recent years, protective roller blinds on windows have been very popular. They have certain advantages, which provide a high demand for the presented designs.

Product design

protective roller shutters on windows

Protective shutters on the windows have enoughsimple construction. The most important element of the presented product is the canvas, consisting of tightly fitting slats. They can be made of completely different materials. However, when choosing this aspect, attention should be paid. The fact is that, for example, metal is more durable than plastic. However, it also has its drawbacks (the possibility of rusting, a cool note in the interior).

It should be noted that the elements of the linen insidecontain a heater, which provides additional insulating properties of the product. In addition, the protective shutters on the windows in their construction have a box in which the lamellas are hidden, if they are folded. Another product is equipped with guide rails, on which the canvas moves.

A drive is used to close or open the roller shutters. It can be different, but without it the movement of the slats is impossible.


Roller shutters on protective windows

Protective roller shutters on windows have some advantages. It:

  • preventing unauthorized persons from entering the premises;
  • additional thermal insulation;
  • simplicity of installation and use;
  • an acceptable cost;
  • different types of materials, as well as a wide range of colors, which allows you to harmoniously enter the product in the interior and exterior of the room;
  • a decrease in street noise.

As you can see, roller shutters on protective windows are a very convenient solution to the security problem of your home.

Disadvantages and scope of the device

protective roller blinds for internal windows

It's hard to imagine, but the presented products also have some disadvantages.

  1. Inconvenience in the constant closing and opening of shutters. This can be corrected by selecting an automatic design type, which is controlled by the control panel.
  2. Weak castle. In principle, it can be opened with improvised tools.
  3. Too much load on the blade in case of incorrect installation of the structure.

In principle, shutters on the windows are protective (photo youyou can see in the article) do not have serious shortcomings that could not be corrected. As for the spheres of application, you can mount such a product in private houses, on shop windows or other buildings. That is, they are used almost everywhere.

Material of manufacture

Roller shutters on windows protective photo

Canvas can be produced from such raw materials:

  1. Alloy of aluminum. In this case, it is sufficiently durable and easy.
  2. Steel. Such roller blinds are considered to be as strong as possible. However, they are very heavy and can rust.
  3. Plastic. Such products have a small mass and can be produced in different colors. Naturally, their strength is less than that of metal structures. However, such shutters are also popular.

Features of construction management

shutters on windows

To begin with, it should be noted that such productsit is possible to put not only outside, but also inside the premises. However, wherever you install them, you can apply any of the following design control methods. Protective roller shutters on windows, internal or external, can be opened and closed in this way:

1. Mechanically:

  • Belt management. It is best suited for light shutters made of plastic or aluminum. The construction is mounted next to the window. This product is regulated in the same way as conventional blinds.
  • Reduction gear. Such control can be used in case of installation of heavy structures, the mass of which is about 25 kg. To lower or raise the blade, use the handle installed in the box. A mechanical lock is used to lock the product.
  • Cardan. This type of control must be installed on the heaviest structures. And the device of such a product is considered the most difficult.

2. Automatic. Naturally, this option is more expensive. However, it makes the application of roller blinds more simple:

  • Button control. The panel is very similar to a conventional switch and is attached to the wall. In this case, there are different models of buttons: with a lock (they do not need to be kept all the time in the pressed state) or without it.
  • Remote control. There is already a remote control. It is best to choose this method of management in the event that you have several designs installed, and also if they are very heavy.

Installation of the structure

Roller shutters on windows are protective (reviews about them inmostly positive) can be set independently. It should be taken into account that the construction should not obscure the window and prevent sunlight from entering the room. In addition, the product must be mounted as accurately as possible, without distortion.

For work you will need a drill, a screwdriver andself-tapping screws, construction level. In this case, you should choose the size of the structure that will match the parameters of your window opening. First, a box, guides, and then the sheet itself.

If the roller shutters are external and have been manufactured inthe guiding elements must be fixed to the sides of the window. The box should be located at the top. However, one should not expect high reliability from such roller shutters. This option is the easiest to crack.

If the construction is internal, then itmust be mounted in the window opening. In this case, the box is also inside the room. From the outside, such a structure is almost not visible, which does not spoil the appearance of the facade. However, such structures should be fixed before the repair and finishing of the opening is completed.

If you are not sure that you can carry out the installation yourself, it is better to use the services of specialists. That's all. Be safe!