Geranium, care of which is simple, is oneof the most popular indoor plants. Initially, this flower was known as wild, but several centuries ago it gained immense popularity among a notable society. Today there are already about 100 species of geraniums. Care for him is so simple that almost in every house you can find this flower. Its leaves are covered with small capsules containing essential oils. After rubbing the leaf, you can immediately feel a specific smell. The oil of geranium is used as an external antiseptic.

geranium care
Geranium room: care

Regardless of the plant variety that you have chosen, the sun's rays and fresh air are just necessary for it. Winter does not particularly scare geraniums - +8 ABOUTFROM will be sufficient. Only the ampel form requires a slightly higher temperature - +12 ABOUTFROM. The soil that is most suitable for geranium must be loose, drained, acidic or neutral. You can buy a ready mix in the store, and you can prepare yourself by mixing soddy soil, humus, sand. Best fit small pots. The tops of the plant in the process of growth should be cut to form a bush. Dry leaves must be removed immediately.

geranium room care
During the summer period, geranium is also unpretentious - leavingit is complicated only by the treatment of soil with mineral fertilizers. Watering the flower is more often, but very moderately. Do not allow the soil to be too wet. Leaflets of geranium are not sprayed (exception - disease). In winter it is necessary to maintain light soil moisture. Reproduction occurs in seeds and vegetatively. Seeds are best to try to sow in the spring. Sometimes it is done before freezing - so with warming, they will germinate at the right time. Cuttings are prepared in autumn, and planted in the spring.

What can prevent the diseases thatIs the geranium infected? Care and care. If in time to provide the necessary help for fungal and viral infections, then the plant is easy to save. Signs of the disease: yellowness of geranium, black or brown plaque, dryness, twisting or whiteness of leaves, decay of the stem. To prevent infections, you must carefully inspect the plant, apply special antibacterial and antifungal drugs, remove damaged leaves. The main causes of diseases: insufficient ventilation and lighting, high humidity. There is a category of viruses that can enter geraniums through the soil or on contact with other plants. It is important to sterilize the soil before transplanting, and when buying carefully inspect the plant for the slightest damage. The most dangerous pests are nematodes. When they defeat them, the geranium dies. Characteristic features - the formation of large nodes on the roots. After this disease, soil can not be used to grow other plants.

flowers geranium care
Flowers geranium, care for which is quite simple,can live up to 30 years. Sometimes less, but more often - no less than 15. If you put geranium in a bedroom or a nursery, you can enjoy the flowering of this wonderful plant all year round.