Construction begins with laying the foundation anderection of walls, the device of overlappings and a roof, but all these designs have the rough kind, a little suitable for residing. To make the premises elegant and create comfortable conditions, work is carried out on the improvement of internal premises. The construction industry offers a wide range of finishing materials and technologies.

Preparatory activities

Work in the premises is preceded by the laying of allhidden engineering networks: gas pipelines, sewerage and water supply, as well as installation of electrical wiring and devices. Installation of a heating system and other equipment is being carried out. After these preparatory measures, the interior finish is done in the draft version. For each of the surfaces (walls, floor, ceiling), there are methods of work, aimed primarily at leveling and giving them sufficient strength.

Classical technology for preparing walls forthe application of decorative coatings is to plaster and bring to an ideal plane. To achieve this result allows the use of various kinds of beacons and other special devices. In another variant, the rough interior finish is carried out using plasterboard. This technology is much easier than plaster or putty.

The choice of the applied finishing decorative coatingfor any of the surfaces of the room depends directly on the type and purpose of the room. For the kitchen, bathroom and bathroom is preferable tile or wallpaper. Residential premises of a house or apartment are better covered with wallpaper. Separate conversation deserve coverage for the ceilings: it can be suspended systems, and fashionable PVC stretch films, drywall tested for years, as well as various combinations thereof.

Features of interior works in buildings of different purposes

Internal Garage Finishing
Technical rooms also needinternal works. The floor, walls and ceiling in them should be strong, and the cost of the work is preferably low. Based on such requirements and materials, of which the bearing structures are made, the interior finish of the garage is performed as follows:

  • On the floor is poured concrete screed, it is possible to lay tiles ceramic or paving, a good option - polished marble chips.
  • The wall is plastered either with the addition of color, or painted. If the construction of the garage frame, it is possible to trim QSB plates or lining.
  • Ceilings are covered with putty for painting.

Its features are the design of the premisesa country house, which is largely determined by the material of walls and floors. Fashionable and practical buildings of rounded timber, for example, do not need additional decorative coatings, except for the application of special compounds that protect the wood. The interior decoration of the villa, built of brick or foam concrete, is done in traditional ways.

Interior decoration of the villa

For a country house stylistics of premisesis determined by the owners, and the choice of materials depends on this. Often the dachas are decorated for a rustic dwelling in the Russian style, and then the wooden walls remain in their original form. Lovers of urban designs make out of their homes branches of urban apartments. Interior finishing is carried out accordingly.

Registration of a dwelling in accordance with itstastes and needs is one of the ways of self-expression of a person. Both interior decoration and choice of materials should correspond to the chosen design decision.