"Home bugs are attacking!"That's how you can describe the situation that is developing in modern cities. These seemingly forever forgotten bloodsuckers appear even in those apartments where cleanliness and order reign. Where do they come from? Strangely enough, it sounds, but insects like bedbugs can come to the apartment on furniture bought even in a very expensive store; on pillows, rugs, purchased in the markets. Therefore, when going to buy items of bed linen, upholstered furniture, cabinets and other items, carefully examine them: traces of life bloodsuckers are clearly visible. In addition, it's good for prevention, bringing new things to the house, processing them. Means from the bug can be different. It is better to choose those that do not scare away these malicious insects, but kill them.

remedies for bugs

Chemicals from the bug

  1. Aerosols. They are most suitable for processing soft furniture, which can neither be sprinkled with powder, nor oiled. The minus of aerosols is their limited effect (insects die only in direct hit, the rest just go away). As for the traditionally inherent unpleasant odor, today there are a number of aerosol poisons that do not have it at all. For soft furniture suitable means from the bug, such as "Dichlophos", "Reid", "Raptor", "Carbozol", "Combat", "Perfos" and others.
    bed bugs
  2. Powders. They are good because they kill not only those insects that have directly tried the poison, but also those with which they have come in contact. Powders can be covered in slits, sprinkled with sofas, etc. However, the powder from the bug can cause poisoning much faster than aerosols: the latter quickly evaporate, and the powders retain their characteristics longer. This should be remembered by using such means as "Dust", "Chlorophos", "Neopin", etc.
  3. Liquids. Usually they do not have a sharp odor or smell attractive to bedbugs. Despite the fact that manufacturers position them as low-risk for humans, work with them, as well as with other drugs, you need gloves, glasses and a respirator, or better - in a gas mask. There are different fluids. So the tool "Forsyte" frightens off insects, "Tetrix" destroys them. Experts believe that the most effective means from the bug are those that are intended only for professionals and are not sold to ordinary buyers: they are processed by the employees of sanitary epidemiological stations. Deadly for bedbugs and very effective are "Minap" (also known as "Permetrin"), "Foksid".
    However, these drugs most often cause severe poisoning of people trying to bug bugs themselves.

Folk Remedies for the Bug

You can collect these insects manually, waterPlace their dwelling with boiling water or grease with acetic essence. But these measures will never destroy the bloodsuckers who attacked your house. Everything will end as the story of the pious hermit ended, which was told by Ilf and Petrov. So do not waste time. When bed bugs appear, it is better to contact SES immediately.