Now it is impossible to imagine an apartment withoutwindows. We are so used to their availability that we do not even think about it. The window unit carries not only a functional load, delivering sun rays and fresh air to our apartments. The window has long been a sign of prosperity, has raised our level of comfort.

window block
Initially, the window units were made fromtree. The thickness of the box depended on the location. In the southern regions, a frame of 30 mm was sufficient. For the northern, colder regions, it was necessary to have something more reliable. Therefore, in such regions it is better to put thick or double frames. Depending on the period of the structure of the building, the wooden window blocks were made in a paired box or the sashes were carried 30-40 cm apart. If you look at the old buildings, you can still see the windows, where between the doors are stored home billets in three-liter jars. But, as you know, life does not stand still. New technologies are emerging in the construction and production of windows.

The window block, made of PVC, allowedcombine several positive characteristics. Here, the leaf was not only opened, but also reclined. Double-glazed windows made it possible to simplify the procedure for washing windows. Now you do not need to separate the paired doors before you wash the windows. Yes, and the surface for washing has decreased by half.

wooden window blocks
Gradually changed and wooden window blocks. Initially, the windows appeared on the market, made on Scandinavian technology. The thickness of the frame in them is 120 mm. On the outer leaf is installed a glass. Its thickness is at least 4 mm. On the inner side there is a single-compartment glass unit. This window block has its advantages. Three glasses allow you to keep heat in the apartment, and in the interval between the doors it is convenient to install the blinds. In this version, they do not interfere, and protect the sun.

After the plastic windows appeared Germantechnology, which allowed to combine convenience and comfort with your favorite material. Window units made of wood with double-glazed windows have become as popular as plastic ones. But progress does not stop there. And in the market there is a new option, combining wood and metal.

Wood-aluminum window unit has insidewooden inside, which is protected from the outside by an aluminum frame. The windows are made in a single design, so they also use the swing-and-tilt opening. Aluminum is painted outside the catalog in any desired color. Inside the windows can be made of oak, beech or other noble tree.

window blocks, wooden
Oak window blocks will last for many years. This can be traced through palaces and museums. The windows there are almost centuries old. And if they are properly cared for, they will also serve our descendants. Now you can order windows made of pine or larch, beech or oak. And lovers of exotic can put in their cottage windows made of mahogany.

The window block from the glass composite is alreadymore modern technology. It differs from its competitors in that it does not need metal, like plastic. It is lighter than a wooden block, but rivaling metal in strength. You can also use double-glazed windows. The choice of window blocks is very large, which means that there is an option for every taste and color.