If you want to increase the area of ​​your owndacha or private house, the attic with your own hands is the most suitable solution. It does not matter what form the roof is in your building. A large area of ​​free space under the roof will be an excellent room for relaxation, a children's or a comfortable study room.

Options for the arrangement of this room is hugequantity. Therefore, you have a great opportunity to develop a design project yourself or order a specialist. Building an attic with your own hands is an expensive pleasure. But it will be much cheaper than the second floor in the house. Where should you start building an existing attic?

First of all, carefully examine the conditionbeams and floor. If the house is not old, the joists are in good condition, but the floor boards may have dried up and formed cracks. In this case, you need to remove the cover and nail the boards again, adjusting them, to each other as tightly as possible.

Now we need to think over the lighting. Perhaps you need to install additional window structures, because you need a light attic. It is difficult to make such windows with your own hands, but it is possible. They can be located both on the side slopes of the roof, and at the end of the house. Window units can be assembled by yourself or ordered from the manufacturer according to its size and shape.

After installing the windows, you need to doroof warming. Remove the dimensions from all areas of the roof and calculate the necessary amount of insulation. To create comfortable conditions and compliance with the technology of the construction process, you will need material for soundproofing, moisture insulation, insulation, bars for the roofing and the cladding of internal walls. The attic, equipped with its own hands for a dwelling, will allow you to perfect your skills in construction and decoration.

Modern markets and specializedSupermarkets offer a huge selection of building and finishing materials. You can find everything you need to arrange a roof, taking into account your financial capabilities and preferences. If the roof of the house is covered with metal tiles or a profile sheet, then sound insulation materials are indispensable. They will significantly reduce the noise from raindrops. If there is a soft roof or slate, you can do without additional sound insulation, as these materials absorb sound well.

As the moisture insulation is usedSpecialized film, which covers the entire space, intended for laying insulation. Only after that, you can lay the layers of mineral wool, pre-cut them in size. Over the insulation is fixed vapor barrier and made crate of metal profile or bars. It will not only retain the weight of insulation sheets, but also serve as ventilation ducts. To the crate we attach sheets of gypsum board, chipboard or boards, depending on the design project. Decorative decoration of internal walls can be performed using paintwork materials, wallpaper or drapery.

Do not forget to make a strong and reliable fencingstaircase and entrance to the second floor. Observance of simple security measures can save you from unpleasant consequences. Without the presence of a railing on the floor of the attic, any person can stumble and fall into the opening. Be sure to consider lighting the steps in the dark.

It should be remembered that any attic, itshands decorated, will have sloping walls. In order not to lose the meters of the useful area, you will need to use built-in or small-sized furniture. In the corner niches look great built-in bedside tables for clothes, low sofas and bookshelves.

Each stage of construction you can order from specialists. But wanting to save a certain amount of money, we build an attic with our own hands, consulting with professionals on problematic issues.