Development of interior design of a country house -It is a process that obeys certain requirements, but not the spontaneous decision of the designer. The art of design is based on unshakable foundations, and as a result, artists create beautiful interiors of country houses.

country houses interior


  1. Compliance in the interior of a single style.
  2. Features of the room (shape and number of windows, the height of the ceiling, as well as the size of the premises).
  3. A combination of interior decoration and architectural style.

Unity of style

Number of trends and styles in moderninteriors striking imagination. If before the direction of style was not very different variety, then for today, country houses, their interior is possible for any choice and taste.

It can be a strict European style orcolorful oriental style. Often experts turn to modern pop art or the stylization of the Middle Ages. However, it is important to remember that a single stylistic line must be maintained in everything: vases, lamps, textiles, accessories, furniture, etc. Deviation from this requirement can lead to disharmony in the interior. Agree that the Chinese vase on the fireplace, which is designed in French style, will look ridiculous.

cottage interior

Illiterate furniture, inconsistencystyles, inconvenient placement of household items and lack of lighting cause general discomfort. This can provoke the cause of a bad mood and a violation of psycho-emotional and physiological imbalance.

Country houses: interior

As a rule, the design of each individual roomprojected separately. For example, for a bedroom you can choose Japanese, with a deep philosophy, a unique style. The living room is decorated with a French refined interior, made in a palace classic style. Interiors of kitchens in country houses with an abundance of metal and glass represents a high-tech style. For a business room, you can take advantage of the ideas of minimalism.

beautiful interiors of country houses

In any case, no matter what style you choosedecorating your country house, do not forget that it should be in harmony with your inner world and emphasize your personality.

Gentle Provence

Provence in the interior of a country house isthe main component of the fashion of the Mediterranean direction. This style combines the warmth of southern motives and solar appeal. For the style of Provence is characterized by a decor with signs of antiquity, excellent taste for furniture and especially gentle charm.

Plans and interiors of country houses in the style of Provence have the following characteristics:

  • Shutter on the windows.
  • The presence in the living room fireplace made of natural stone.
  • Dried and fresh flowers. Photos and pictures with images of animals and beautiful landscapes. Products from ceramics.
  • Favorite color scale - light gray, indigo, white, tender-violet.
  • Wide and large window openings made of natural wood.
  • Wooden beams on the ceiling.
  • Folded in bales of decorative elements.
  • Forged decor and furniture.
  • Natural materials.
  • Finishing the surface of the walls with bright plaster.
  • Light shades of fabrics with a geometric or floral print.
  • Aged and vintage furniture.

chalet-style interior in a country house

The popularity of the style of Provence is due to hisassociative with suburban life, reminiscent of the smell of meadow grass, the sun and the sea. The aesthetics of this style are archaic and natural. Style is saturated with smooth and simple lines.

Style chalet

The interior in the style of a chalet in a country house is characterized by the following features:

  • Comfort and warmth.
  • Naturalness.
  • Practicality.
  • Simplicity.

The chalet differs from other similar styles, for example, country, practicality and conciseness. In this style, ceiling beams made of untreated wood are used.

Very often the interior uses raw materials:

  • Roughly faced with a natural stone is a large fireplace.
  • Ceiling beams protruding.
  • Walls, lined with wood or plastered, but without final finishing.
  • Unshielded wooden floor surface.

In the interior objects seem reliable, massive, stable, durable. It is these principles that combine the chalet-style interior in a country house, which makes it so popular.

styles of country houses

In this interior should prevail natural and warm colors:

  • Caramel.
  • Brick.
  • Ocher.
  • Terracotta.
  • Chocolate.
  • Cream.
  • Vanilla.
  • Dark brown.

Natural quiet colors, fireplace, natural materials are the basic rules of the chalet. As for the accents, the most successful are maroon or dark green hues.

As well as interior decoration, furniturewelcome rough, aged, with a ruthlessly treated surface, but not massive. For the living room it is desirable to choose simple comfortable leather furniture - armchairs and sofas.

Indoor lighting should be soft. As a rule, designers prefer a stable, heavy floor fixtures, as well as the abundance of candles in forged candlesticks. This lighting when combined with fire in the fireplace provides an atmosphere of warmth, peace, tranquility. After all, this is often not enough in everyday life.

Chebby Chic

Considering the styles of country houses, it is worthStay at the most romantic and at the same time cheap interiors of the cheby-chic. And if you do not go after the rarity, then you will create an interior literally for a penny.

The main feature of the style is its colorgamma. Starting with the finishing works and finishing with the choice of furniture, everything should be done in light pink and pastel colors. Also allowed the use of light-blue, light green, milky-white flowers, but in general the interior should look worn and faded. No clear lines and no glossy texture.

planning and interiors of country houses

It is worth noting that when decorating the wall surface is not recommended to choose wallpaper, the optimal options in this case will be a beacon with subsequent painting or smooth putty.

Floor is not bad to perform from the boards, but if it isit is not possible, you can take a laminate or a parquet board, the main thing - after all this is covered with a carpet, which must also be a soft color.

Furniture should be given special attention. It should be old, but at the same time sound. It is necessary to give an account of the fact that shabby time is not destruction, but only abrasion.

Mansard in the "Japanese style"

Many country houses have an attic. It is not necessary to use these rooms as storerooms - for storing bicycles, old books, dusty things. A huge window, a lot of air, a beveled, cozy ceiling hanging over the bed - if you approach the design of this room with a soul, it will always delight you.

To emphasize the simplicity and purity of linesmansard and make the space even more "airy" and wide, decorate it in the style of minimalism, "in Japanese". A wide and low bed, a pair of original details in the form of a floor or vases, light colors - all this will make the interior of the cottage spacious and cozy.

"Magical" interior

You are attracted by an odd and cozy interiorHouse of the Weasley family from the series of films about Harry Potter? Cozy and eclectic interior is thought up literally to trifles. The interior of the cottage combines both untidiness and incredible coziness. A lot of original elements (lamp, knobs on chairs) and designer gizmos (watches with a pendulum) create a "magical" atmosphere.

interiors of kitchens in country houses

Russian style

First, answer two questions:

  1. Did you love Russian folk tales as a child?
  2. Do you like the smell of wood?

If you gave a positive answer to both questions, then maybe you should consider country houses, the interior of which will be decorated in accordance with Russian traditional motives.

Chandelier transforming the room into a forest

The interior is attached to the charm of numerous details. However, the details are so thoughtful and original that they almost completely form the interior. For example, a "forest" chandelier. It is only necessary to introduce a charming chandelier made in the form of glass woven "twigs" in the living room, nursery or bedroom, and silhouettes of the fairy forest will instantly appear in the room.

Breakfast on the swing

Country houses, the interior of which is complemented by thisdecorative element, look fantastic. Is there anything better than enjoying the fragrant morning coffee, slowly, rocking on a swing?

Spiral staircase

It is not necessary to descend from the second flooron the first foot. After all, you can just roll down. A ladder with which you can roll down, especially for the likes of young children and those who remained a child in the shower.

Tickle your nerves

What if the bathroom is set up directly above the deep mine and the floor surface is made of durable glass? Probably, the sensations will be amazing every time you go to the bathroom.

Hammock in the living room

Is it possible to find a more convenient place for placing a hammock than a living room in a country house? It is worth trying, maybe you just did not have enough for complete relaxation ...