An unusual emerald-yellow fruit color, inherent intomato Malachite casket, - not the only difference of this class from its red brothers. Due to its excellent taste, this green-fruited tomato has been highly appreciated by gardeners from different regions of the country.

tomato malachite box
Tomato Malachite casket, its properties, peculiarities of growing and care - this is the topic of this article.

What is interesting grade

Surprising unusual coloring tomato Malachitethe casket is a tall shrub that reaches a height of 1.3-1.5 meters, with large (up to 300 g), rounded, slightly flattened fruit. The color of mature tomatoes is green, yellow-green, yellow and pinkish. Fruits adorn the intricate emerald patterns, completely covering the skin. An excellent taste with elusive melancholy notes and a delicate cereal structure of the pulp create an amazing harmonious combination, which made the culture recognizable and in demand. Tomatoes of this interesting variety are used in raw form, in home canning and cooking. A feature of it is called a thin peel, which if desired can be easily and quickly removed.

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Cultivate the culture in one or two stems. Since the plant is quite high, it needs a garter to the stationary support. This middle-aged variety is equally successfully grown in open space and in greenhouse conditions.

Tomato Malachite casket: description and features of planting

As in the greater territory of the countryclimatic conditions are very severe, the best method of cultivation is the most acceptable. Producers of seeds, positioning the tomato malachite box in the Russian market, set deadlines and rules for planting. Seeds are sown for seedlings in March-April, focusing on local weather conditions, 2 months before planting in a permanent place.

In pre-disinfected seedlingscontainers filled with light wet fertile soil, sown etched in a biostimulator (this may be preparations "Epin", "Zircon" or aloe juice) seeds. The dwell time in solutions must comply with the recommendations in the annotations to the preparations. In the aloe juice, the seeds are left for 12-20 hours. Containers with planted seeds are covered with a film and installed in bright and warm places. Optimum for seedlings is the air temperature - 22-25 ˚С. Seedlings sprout on 3-5 days. Film shelters are removed when they appear, while ensuring that the seedlings are not in the draft.

Care of seedlings

A good harvest will ensure quality care for seedlings. When the 3-5 leaves appear on shoots, they start diving, i.e., planting in separate containers.

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Tomato Malachite casket well tolerates andpicking, and transplanting. Seedlings scattered by separate pots feed each 10 days with special mineral complexes for seedlings of vegetable crops. The concentration of solutions should correspond to the norms recommended in the instructions to the preparations. Good results are obtained by alternating mineral dressings with organic fertilizers. By the time the plants are planted on permanent sites, seedlings pick up green mass, accumulating the necessary substances for painless adaptation and further development. It is important only not to overdo it, as it is impossible to overfeed plants, it is better to underfeed - the consequences will not be so fatal.

Malachite casket - plants are powerful and large,so for 1 square. meter planted no more than 3. This will avoid the oppression of bushes by each other and the occurrence of unavoidable infections due to thickening of plantings.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Taste and tender consistency of pulp are importantproperties that characterize the tomato malachite box. The gardeners' comments are also accentuated on the possibility of cultivating crops in an open and protected soil. Zelenoplodny variety - an excellent substitute for red fellow for prone to allergies to coloring pigment consumers.

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The disadvantages include low transportabilityfruits and some wateriness, which appears when the tomato is overripe. In addition, this variety has very low resistance to pests, bacterial and viral infections, so, they say, they will need additional treatment with special preparations.

We have listed the features that characterize the tomato malachite box, a photo of which is presented in the article, and commented on the recommendations of vegetable growers to grow this unusual variety.