Insulating glass is the most important part of the new modern plastic windows, the choice of which should be taken seriously. In which cases should I choose a three-chamber glass unit?

Triple glass unit

One of the important advantages thatPlastic windows in comparison with wooden ones - this is the preservation of heat in the house. In this case there is no better assistant than a three-chamber glass unit. Its level of thermal support is the highest, because four glasses are used, which are connected by remote frames, and also three air chambers.

Triple-glazed windows are chosen only in casethe urgent need for thermal protection or when a high level of noise impermeability is needed. You should know a few simple rules before deciding on such an acquisition.

First, consider the weight of the new window. The three-chamber double-glazed window is very heavy and is divided into a large number of windows, in order for the frame to withstand it. This is a very laborious work, for which not every firm takes.

Secondly, triple protection is bad becausemisses a very small amount of light, which creates inconvenience and dimness in the room. Therefore, before ordering such a window, well think over the light solution in your office or apartment.

Double-glazed windows three-chambered

Third, the price of triple-glazed windows due to difficulties in manufacturing and installation is quite large. And the required size of the window is hard to find.

However, such a double-glazed window has positiveside. So, choosing it, you can completely forget about the heaters: you will not need them any more. Given the savings in space heating, the window will pay off with interest for a short time. But at the same time, care should be taken to ensure that the air tightness in the room does not go off scale, it's also harmful. To ensure that the window lasts a long time, manufacturers strongly recommend airing the room for fifteen minutes in the morning and in the evening. This will help avoid accumulation of condensate, which adversely affects the double-glazed windows.

It is very convenient to put such double-glazed windows if near to your house there is a high-speed line or the railway. The soundproofness of this window is at a height.

Another very important advantage that three-chambered glass units have, is that it is very difficult to break such windows.

Three-chamber double-glazed windows

Three-chamber double-glazed window: features of care

- Clean the triple-glass unit with usual cleaning sprays.

- Do not use benzene or other solvents under any circumstances, because they can damage the glass.

- Carefully follow what sponge it wipe, avoid hard fabrics.

- Do not use powder cleaners. They scratch and deform the double-glazed windows, because of what their appearance and impermeability deteriorates.

- In case of a problem with the window, do not try to solve it yourself. It is best to contact a specialist.

If you follow all the above recommendations, you can be sure - the window will last you a long time.