Any car owner wants to maintain histhe car is clean. But washing takes a lot of time - you can not always sign up for the right time, and the result sometimes does not please (on old cars, often under pressure, knock off the paint). A famous proverb says: "If you want to do well, do it yourself." Many car owners buy individual mini-sinks. One such "Kercher K 7". Price, a review of it and the characteristics - later in this article.

Note: "Kerher" is a well-known German company that produces cleaning and cleaning equipment. It was founded by Alfred Kärcher in 1935.


Car wash "Kerher K7" is a universal tool for fighting pollution. Can be used not only on the car, but also on the farm.

kercher to 7
The series "Kerher K 7 Premium" was developed in 2014. This is a mini-wash of a new generation that works under high pressure. Water can be supplied in two ways:

  • From an external source (when connected to a water pipe).
  • Independently. Mini-sink has a function of automatic suction of water from the tank.

But how to use such a device in ourconditions, if the liquid in the water pipe can contain dirt and other small mote? This question bothers many motorists. But do not be afraid - inside the unit there is a filter. It pre-filters all unnecessary deposits before the liquid enters the outside.


This unit consists of several elements:

  • Electric motor (asynchronous, water-cooled).
  • The pump (pump).
  • Hose.
  • Filter.
  • The spray gun.

The electric motor is the mainpart of the car wash "Kercher". Also note that some of the vehicles from this company were equipped with gasoline units. But due to high noise, harmful odor and a number of other shortcomings, they are rarely found in the market of mini-washes.

Karcher car wash

Using an electric motor is given inaction water pump. The latter draws water from the tap and feeds it to another channel under pressure. Typically, the pump is designed to handle liquid in a volume of up to 8 liters per minute. Note that the material for the pump can be of two types:

  • Plastic composite. It is used for washing the budget class. These include "Kercher" K2, K3 and K4.
  • Alloy with silicon. These are silumin pomp. Used for high-class car washes - K5 and K7.

Particular attention is paid to the hose. In order not to deform it under high pressure, it is made of a strong reinforced mesh. The hose has two plastic layers with high density.

Further, water under pressure falls ona spray gun. The latter has a specific structure with tips and slots. The manufacturer produces several nozzles for working with different types of surfaces. One such is a mud mill. The tips may have different degrees of spraying.


"Kercher K 7" refers to high class washers. The maximum pressure created by the device is 160 bar. The design uses a silumin pump. The connection is via a water pipe (but also the unit can operate autonomously, since it has a built-in capacity).

kerkher washing to 7
The maximum productivity of the apparatus "KercherTo 7 "- 600 liters per hour. The water temperature at the entrance is up to 60 degrees Celsius, which makes it possible to wash the pollution of any complexity. The power of the electric motor is 3 kilowatts. The weight of the "Kerher K 7" was 20.3 kilograms.


The kit for mini-washing includes:

  • Rubber reinforced hose. Its length is 10 meters.
  • Pistol with jet nozzle.
  • Mud cutter.
  • The nozzle "Delta Racer".
  • Adapter adapter for connection to the garden hose. The diameter of the latter is ¾ inch.
  • Foam nozzle with a volume of 300 milliliters.
  • Cleaning agent with a volume of 1 liter.
  • Napkin for rubbing.


How much is the German mini-sink "Kercher K7"? The unit costs from 30 to 40 thousand rubles.

kercher to 7 price
At the same time, the manufacturer gives an annual guarantee for the operation of its equipment. This applies to all Kercher mini-washers, including the K7 series.

Responses of owners: advantages and disadvantages

What do motorists say about this car wash? Many note the high pressure produced by the pump. "Kercher K7", unlike budget models, really works as a contactless washing. Water under pressure of 160 bar is able to remove even the most persistent pollution - they do not have to be scrubbed with a washcloth by hand. Also in this model there is a place for storing the foaming agent and mud milling cutter. The user can change the pressure directly on the gun. This is a big plus - say testimonials. Also, the owners note the possibility of using a lot of additional accessories.

As for the shortcomings of the mini-sink "Kercher K 7"reviews point to a too tight reinforced hose. It's hard to work with him. There is also no reel for winding the wire. The filter element extends beyond the frame. Dimensions of the unit are rather big, so you have to think in advance about where to store this unit.

Otherwise, users are satisfiedpurchase. Many choose a mini-sink "Kercher K7" thanks to an aluminum pump. It is much more reliable than plastic and is capable of giving good pressure at the outlet. The hose is not damaged even when the wheel of the car hits. But the lack of a cable drum makes operation difficult.

Can I use the unit in winter?

This mini-wash can work with water, heated to a temperature of 60 degrees.

kercher to 7 premium
Therefore, operation of this unit at negative temperatures is possible, but only with the connection of a warm source (since there is no built-in heater here).


So, we found out what theGerman mini-sink "Kercher K 7". Having a contactless car wash at home is a very big plus. At any time, the owner can clean the car of dirt in a short time, and most importantly, free of charge. For what period this unit can recover its value? It all depends on the frequency of use. But as the reviews say, the average payback period is two years. Many will say that this is too long. However, the main decisive factor is time saving and a qualitative result.